New Features & Enhancements: Layouts, Lead Forms, Document Templates & Email Templates

New Features & Enhancements: Layouts, Lead Forms, Document Templates & Email Templates
April 15, 2019
There’s always room for improvement.


This saying has haunted professionals in every industry since the beginning of time. The Aisle Planner team doesn't read this as an admission of falling short. We see it as a statement of limitless possibility. It's our challenge to rise to in service to our community of pros. We continually listen to you for your input. Our eyes are are trained on the technology horizon to find new trends and innovations. We're in constant review of our own product, development cycles and focus. We do all of this to make sure we build the best software platform for you to market your business, meet new leads and book new clients, and plan, design and execute exceptional events or projects for your clients or your business. All in one place. All behind one login.

This weekend, we released a mob of new features and updates to expand upon our current suite of tools. It's our mission to make Aisle Planner the very best solution for your weddings and events business. Here’s a top-level breakdown:

Layouts & Guest Management

On the heels of the release of V1 of our Layouts tool late last year, we’ve come back to this popular feature to add a host of updates to make it even more powerful:

Lead Forms

Brand matters in the journey you create for your client, from the day you meet to the day of their event. That’s why we emphasize custom branding in every feature and tool we can here on Aisle Planner. With this update, we’ve added new opportunities to customize the layout of your Lead Contact Form, as well as the ability to include a redirect URL that can send your latest leads to your website, Facebook or any page following their submission.


Keeping the details organized is one thing. Getting them down on paper clearly with signature(s) on the bottom line? That can make or break your business. With the addition of merge fields and input fields you can now build proposal, quote and contract templates that automatically capture information from your lead or client record or require client input to complete.

Being on brand through every detail is important. Especially when your clients are putting their trust in you to get their details right. We’ve given you the ability to edit the font, font size and color of your acceptance terms and initial areas in your proposals so your documents are on brand from start to finish.

Additionally, if you or your clients need more than one signature on documents, you can now add, edit and identify primary and secondary signers to documents in the Send Modal and send them out for signatures in multiple steps.

Email Templates

Being able to respond to and book new business as quickly as possible is key to your business's success. To help make this process more efficient, we’ve added Email Templates!

You can now create custom email templates to correspond to every step in your booking and planning processes. Like our Documents templates, you can also include merge fields to capture information from your lead or client record automatically. This saves you time so you can turn your energy toward your clients' experience working with you.

In every aspect of our business at Aisle Planner, we are dedicated to creating and delivering the best client and professional planning or project journey in one online space, from the day you first meet to the big day. With our built-in marketing and publishing opportunities, a complete suite of lead and client management tools, and a robust set of planning and project management features, our mission remains to provide every member of our pro community with the “Power of One,” making Aisle Planner the most dynamic tool empowering you to craft extraordinary events, deliver amazing client experiences and build a better business.

Stay tuned to the Pro Blog this month as we break down these new features in more detail!


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