Our Favorite New Aisle Planner Features

Our Favorite New Aisle Planner Features
May 10, 2017
Over the past year, we've released new features like International Settings, Wedding Websites, and Notes Templates and, regardless of how much we love those updates, we still play favorites around here. So today, we wanted to talk about our favorite new Aisle Planner features and why we love them extra hard!


Aisle Planner Favorite New Features

Invoicing and Online Payment Processing

One of the recurring headaches of being a wedding professional is getting invoices paid in a timely fashion. Getting paid cash is great (but highly unlikely) and checks can get lost in the mail or on the long list of things to do. So, having the ability to let your clients easily pay invoices online was something that we had been chomping at the bits to build. And, as of a few weeks ago, you can set up your payments account in Aisle Planner and allow clients to pay your invoices online!

Why do we love it? Because who doesn't like getting their invoices paid faster? Now accepting online payments on Aisle Planner is as easy as 1, 2 (and we'll stop there because you're done before you get to the 3).

Learn how to set up your payment account here and make it easy for your clients to pay your invoices!

Aisle Planner Favorite New Features

Non-Wedding Events

Even if the majority of your clients book you to help them with their wedding, we know that every wedding professional works with clients who aren't getting married as well. Whether it is a corporate event, a photoshoot or an over-the-top birthday celebration, the services you provide aren't limited to clients who have an engagement ring on their finger. And, that's why we gave you the ability to plan Non-Wedding Events on Aisle Planner!

Now when you create a project on Aisle Planner, you can set it as a wedding or other event. And, when you pick "other," all of the wedding related language is stripped from the tools; giving you the ability and flexibility to work with corporate clients in a space that doesn't feel like it's only for weddings.

Why do we love it? Because now you can plan and organize any of your weddings, events or projects all in once place and on one platform. From weddings and photoshoots to corporate events and business projects, there is no limit on what you can plan using our tools!

Learn more about our Non-Wedding Events feature here.

Aisle Planner Favorite New Features

Proposals and Contracts

The days of asking clients to print, sign, and scan contracts are gone. So, we released our Proposals and Contracts with e-Signatures feature to help bring your business into the 21st century.

We know that when a client is ready to book, that timeliness is important. Oftentimes, couples book with the first professional who is able to get them a proposal or contract. So, closing the gap between conversation and signature important. Now, you can build, prep, and send proposals and contracts off to those eager-to-sign clients in no time; helping put your business in front of the them faster to close the deal.

Why do we love it? Since your proposal or contract are usually the first things your clients receive from you, this feature helps you look super professional, right out of the gate. Plus, since you can create templates for these documents, it's a huge time-saver too!

Learn more about our Proposals and Contracts feature here


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