Staying Organized with Style Guides

Staying Organized with Style Guides
October 20, 2016

Staying organized with multiple clients is some what of a feat, but that is not to say it is impossible. And, while most conversations about staying organized tend to focus on things like time management and file keeping, as wedding planners and professionals, you’re responsible for organizing images, color swatches, and random notes galore! And for multiple clients to boot! So today, we wanted to talk about how to stay organized using Aisle Planner’s Style Guides so you never have to hunt down a design detail - ever again. 


Style Guide courtesy Savannah Kilpatrick. See the full Style Guide here.


Compare and Contrast

The initial phases of the design process can be a seemingly endless stream of emails, text messages, and one off pages from the latest issue of Martha. But when it comes time to start presenting options, skipping between emails and saved images on your phone is no way to help your couples make important design decisions! By gathering and organizing all of your design ideas and images into Style Guides, you and your couples’ can design their dream wedding with ease. Presenting options to your clients through Style Guides takes all of the stress out of the whole “compare and contrast” part of the design process since they can see their options side by side and next to their 6 options. Plus, since you can create as many Style Guides as you want, that means you can properly curate and present clients with the best options out there. Which leads us to our next point…



Get Granular

Don’t be afraid to get granular when organizing your Style Guides! We’ve all had those weddings where the wrong item shows up two days before the event and, after a little bit of digging (and a quick run through your favorite expletives), you figure out that the item name got mixed up somewhere along the way. (Because to quote our Founder, Christina Farrow, "There is a huge difference between the Sparkle Glam and Sparkle Brilliance napkin rings! haha!") Start honing in on the items you and your couple are seriously considering to order by creating very specific Style Guides for your chair options, your linen choices or even the different types of hand lettering you are looking at for wedding signs. And be sure to use the comment feature to keep track of sourcing options, pricing, and item names for future reference – and to avoid accidentally ordering the incorrect item. Which leads us to our final point…


Easily Share

We made it easy to share individual or multiple Style Guides with the click of a button so that you can not only keep yourself, but your vendors organized. After you and your couple have made final decisions on flowers, linens, place settings, and the million and one other design details you worked through, you can create final or Master Style Guides to share with each of the vendors you are working with on the day of. This will not only keep you and your couple organized and on the same page about the overall look (and commitments) for their wedding, it will help ensure the each of the vendors can confirm and deliver the right goods.


Haven’t been sharing your Style Guides because you don’t know how? Learn how to here.

How do you use Aisle Planner's Style Guides to keep organized? We'd love to hear how! Email us at for a chance to be featured here on our pro blog!  


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