Your brand. Not ours.

Your brand. Not ours.
January 05, 2016

Your brand is more than just your logo. It is the experience, reputation, blood, sweat, and tears that you pour into your business. Your brand is often the first thing potential customers interact with (setting the tone and their expectations) and that's why it is so important to create a strong and consistent brand presence. Beyond that, there are a couple reasons why branding is important. Creating a brand for your business improves recognition, builds trust, and actually helps build your business because, in an industry where referrals are king, a strong brand is worth its weight in gold. You want (read "need") potential clients to remember your brand so that when they walk away from your referrer, they know exactly where to find you. That's why we want your Aisle Planner account to showcase your brand; not ours. Our branding center allows you to easily customize your Aisle Planner account with your business name and logo so that your clients experience the brand that you have worked so hard to build. Customize your account and brand your:





Printed Materials

We know it's hard to kick your paper habit cold turkey (trust us, we have our fair share of paper to-do lists) so that's why we gave you the ability to brand all of your timelines, checklists, as well as anything else you might find yourself downloading and printing.


Build an unquestionable trust with your clients when you brand your email notifications. Your brides and planning partners will always know it's you when they see a notification in their inbox.

Digital Experience

Give your clients a seamless online experience. From the moment they click on your client portal and through the entire planning process, your clients will experience and grow to love your brand even more. So go ahead and flaunt that fabulous logo of yours! Because we're here to help you build your brand. Not ours.


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Aisle Planner Editorial Team
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