3 Ways to Collaborate as a Wedding Planner

3 Ways to Collaborate as a Wedding Planner
September 20, 2016


As we wonder where exactly September went (holy whiplash Batman!), we wanted to touch once more on the month’s focus—collaboration. As planners, we often feel that we have to do it all ourselves (because we often do have to do it all ourselves), but sometimes a little collaboration can go a long way.

This doesn’t mean we have to give up control of our work and let others take the wheel—it simply means we should be open to bouncing ideas off of our peers, working with others on projects, talking things through, or asking for second opinions. If nothing else, collaboration helps to spark new ideas within ourselves and encourages us to think about old problems in new ways. Today, then, we wanted to break down three ways you can collaborate as an wedding planner. So put on those teamwork pants, planners, and get ready to to collaborate your way through the rest of 2016!

Work With Your “Mentor”

We use the term “mentor” loosely—this doesn’t have to be a formal mentor/mentee relationship. But, chances are you have someone who has helped you along the way, given you advice, allowed you in on their tricks of the trade, etc. Think about who that person is, and, the next time you’re stuck in a design-rut or are struggling to find an answer to a planning problem, pick up the phone or shoot them an email. Meet for coffee in person or simply ask for their advice over a text message—it doesn't have to be formal. The goal is to start a conversation—one little thing they say might inspire one of your biggest ah-ha moments yet. Keep in mind this person doesn’t have to be an event planner or even in the wedding industry—the important thing is that they’re someone you trust professionally, know well, and can talk open and freely with.

Collaborate Digitally

The thing about collaboration these days is that it’s often just so much more realistic and accessible if it’s done digitally. Trying to sync up schedules with others (especially other planners) can often feel impossible. So, we love the idea of using technology to your advantage. One of our favorite things (like, ever) is using Aisle Planner’s comments feature to collaborate  (hint: you can use them for everything from keeping your couples on track to nailing down a color palette). We also love chat platforms like Slack for quick and easy inter-office collabs. Platforms that allow for constant (but not disruptive) digital conversation are great ways to bounce ideas off of coworkers without disrupting anyone’s hectic schedules (which, during busy season, can be a lifesaver).

Call a Meeting of the Minds

We love the idea of assembling your perfect dream-team and calling a meeting of the minds. Your “dream team” can consist of everyone from your planning partner in crime to that new office intern who’s showing a ton of promise. Gather those whose work inspires you, who you’ve learned from, vendors you’ve worked with, and/or new planners who you hope to mentor along the way.

The “get-together”’ can really be in any form—as long as it’s collaborative in nature. Feeling like you want to talk through some upcoming wedding trends? Call everyone into your studio for mimosas, pastries and a constructive chat. Feeling like you’re really wanting to flex those creative muscles? Plan a mini styled-shoot. You can even treat this like you would a small soirée—send out on-theme e-vites in advance and provide drinks and treats at your “meeting.” The important part is getting a handful of creative minds in one place and using those minds to work toward a common goal (whether that’s creating a backdrop for a photo booth, styling a mock-bride, or simply chatting about industry trends).  

Overall, collaboration is such a productive and necessary part of planning. For the rest of the year, we challenge you to keep your eyes (and mind) open for collaboration opportunities—no matter how big or small. You’ll likely find that some of your best wedding-planning ideas are inspired by others. Cheers to that, Aisle Planners!  


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