The Art of Balance: Growing & Staying Close Family Business Partners

The Art of Balance: Growing & Staying Close Family Business Partners
March 29, 2019

You’re living the dream: getting to do what you love, with the person/people you love, all while creating a successful career! It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs in the events industry to be in business with their spouse, siblings, or other relatives. Running a business with family is such a unique and wonderful experience that reaps a bounty of benefits. Some aspects of the job become easier but it can also become overwhelming and hard to balance. Like most things in life, you must tread carefully in order to maintain a happy and fruitful relationship. At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that the bond you have with family is the foundation for your work. Together, let's explore shifting focus, away from work and toward spending and enjoying time with your family member.


The number one rule of family bonding time is no work talk! That defeats the purpose. Now that we've established that, let's move on to the good stuff.

Self-Care: Individually and Together

It’s important to give space to each other as individuals when working with family. While everyone talks about self care and mental wellness, what that means and looks like can be wildly different for each person. There's no denying self-care's stress-reducing powers. Self-care can be hard for some but, according to Psychology Today, you can learn how to take better care of yourself with a little practice. Since you may be spending a lot of time with your family member at work, you may want to spend your free time apart. No one's going to argue with you doing you when it comes to your mental health. You may find, however, a growing personal distance if you’re not spending any time together outside of work. So, consider incorporating some balance between individual time and practicing together! You can both benefit from a recharge while still spending time together. Here's a quick list of simple things you can do with each other:

Serenity for the Soiree Sophisticate

  1. Meditation. Find your inner-peace, harmony, and balance. This does wonders for your mind and for your relationship! You'll feel closer and happier to be around each other. You can attend community meditation or you can meditate in the comfort of your home.
  2. Massages. Serenity now! Massages are a wonderful way to release tension in your body. Something else that can be done alone but when done with your spouse or partner, it produces higher levels of affection and intimacy. And, it helps stop time so you can enjoy a moment together in the present.
  1. Spa time. Whether you and your family member want to go to a day spa or just pamper yourselves at home, the personal reward of some relaxation and a face mask, bath or even an invigorating scrub is so worth it.
  1. Going on walks. A casual stroll accompanied with nice scenery will connect you to nature and each other. It’s good exercise and an even better activity to spur deep conversations. This can be a time to talk about what each of you are doing and how you're feeling. 
  2. Watch a movie.  Choose your favorite movies and enjoy a little down time with some snacks. A super low-key and easy way to hang out.

Make Time: Have Fun Together, Stay Together

According to experts, the closest and happiest relationships are the ones that learn and grow together. Before going on adventures and trying something new together, coordinate and plan how you'll balance work and bonding times. Agree on specific times and dates throughout the year to add to your calendars. Groupon Activities and Experiences is full of fun outings and activities for a great price! From whale watching, hot air balloon rides, to skydiving, they have it all. This will give you both something to look forward to. When weekends in the heat of your event season are long and tough, you'll have plenty of anticipation for your next adventure to motivate you.

Fun Activities for the Fete-Fatigued

  1. Hiking and camping are great ways to spend time together without the distractions of the world. Stow that mobile device and experience life with no internet, texts, social media, and emails.
  2. Crafting can be very therapeutic. Of course, as event pros, we're no strangers to putting our hands to work but try using your creative energy ao make something new for you. Here’s some crafting inspiration to get you started.
  3. Dance classes will help you and your family member build team work and have a good laugh together. From jazz to salsa, samba to ballroom you’ll have a blast together and impress everyone with your new moves.
  4. Baking. Sweets are the road to the heart. Pull out your oven mitts and whip up some of your family’s favorite treats or take a look at these delicious recipes. Throw on some tunes or dive into some fun conversation. By the time you’re finished, you’ll feel closer and you’ll have something yummy to eat.
  5. Travel. Getting away from your everyday environment will be a fantastic way to recharge. Find somewhere new and exotic, even if that means the next town over. Whether for 2 days or two weeks, a trip can add excitement and adventure to your relationship as you work together navigate the unknown. Check out 2019’s best travel destinations and pack your bags!

The time you spend together doesn’t have to be extravagant or cost a lot of money. You can have game nights or go to a museum, a concert, and the beach. Whatever feels right for you and your family member, as long as you’re making time for each other.


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