Beat the Heat: 5 Things Every Planner Should Own to Survive Summer Weddings

Beat the Heat: 5 Things Every Planner Should Own to Survive Summer Weddings
July 25, 2017

Every wedding has its own unique challenges, but outdoor summer weddings can be especially grueling. From running around and checking in with vendors, to setting up chairs and lounge areas, to hauling heavy boxes from our car to the venue, summer weddings offer a number of opportunities to work up a serious sweat. And there’s nothing more uncomfortable than dealing with sweat stains and a flushed face when you’re trying to look professional and keep an event running smooth. With temps on the rise and wedding season in full swing, then, we wanted to offer a roundup of the five best items a planner can have to beat the summer-wedding heat. Read on, and get ready to find some serious chill in the unrelenting heat.


Vacuum-Insulated Water Bottle

Staying hydrated during a long wedding day is key, but flimsy plastic water bottles are no match for the sun’s bright rays. Instead, we recommend keeping your liquids cool and refreshing by using a high-quality, vacuum-insulated water bottle. We’re huge fans of Hydroflasks, as they come in a number of colors and sizes and will keep your drinks ice-cold for up to 24 hours.

Cooling Gel Shoe Inserts

As planners, we’re on our feet for hours (and hours...and hours) at a time on the day-of, which is why keeping our cool during summer weddings starts from the ground up. We’re firm believers in the power of a great cooling gel shoe insert to ensure your feet are cold while you help the groom deal with his (cold feet, that is). Even if you’ve never before worn shoe inserts, invest in a pair of cooling gel inserts and give them a try on a hot day--you’ll be surprised at the massive difference they make.

Collapsible Parasol

There’s no time more prime for working up a sweat than those 30 minutes or so during the ceremony when you’re stuck standing under the beating sun. We recommend always having a small, collapsible parasol in your bag for those times when you need a little shade. Just be sure to go for something subtle and neutral, rather than a bright pattern, as you don’t want to become an eyesore at the back of the ceremony space.

Tinted, Mineral-Based Sunscreen

If you’re going to be in the sun for an extended period of time, you’ll obviously want a great sunscreen to protect your skin, but you’ll likely also want to wear makeup--and the SPF most foundations offer isn’t enough to last you an entire day, while layering sunscreen under or on top of your makeup can get messy. The secret in keeping your skin protected and made-up lies in tinted, mineral-based sunscreens, which essentially act like tinted moisturizers but with a high SPF concentration. We are huge fans of Tizo Sunscreen, as its mineral base means it goes on silky-smooth, and its tinted formula provides as much coverage as a great foundation would.  

Personal Fan

How many times have you caught yourself fanning your face with a folder or stack of papers at a wedding? We’re right there with you, which is why recommend investing in a high-quality personal fan that you can keep in your bag and sneak out for a quick cool down when you’re away from wedding guests. We prefer Brookstone’s personal fan, as it’s high-quality, aesthetically sleek (at least as sleek as a handheld fan can be) and holds up to being bounced around in the bottom of a bag.  


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