Becoming the MVP: Necessary Skills to Be a Top Team Player

Becoming the MVP: Necessary Skills to Be a Top Team Player
July 25, 2019

We are sure you have heard it a thousand times or more, that there is no "I" in team. While "I" applies to working together and making the team cohesive, there are absolutely places for an "I" when it comes to thinking about your business and what's going to make it the most successful. Looking inward, being insightful, and being intuitive to your fellow team members' needs goes a long way.


Look Inward

As your wedding business grows, it becomes more and more important to stop and take a look inward at least once a year. Look at every aspect of your business to see if your brand is keeping up with the clients' needs and if other industry professionals are referring you. Ask yourself the following to make sure your business stays on the right track to success:

  • Does your website need a little freshening? How does it look on a mobile device?
  • Are your business cards outdated or cheap-looking? Is all of the information current?
  • What are your policies on how phones are answered? How quickly are calls and emails returned?
  • Are you and your team following your standards? Do people need to be retrained or do policies need updates?
  • Are you a good team player? Are you easy to refer to and work around?

Share Your Insight

You know better than anyone what your wedding day flow looks like and what information you need in advance from your couples. Are you being proactive and letting the wedding planner, caterer, or venue know what your needs are so they can help keep the couple on target? You also know where your services will fit into the timeline of the wedding. Make sure to share that information with them before they need it from you.

Use Your Intuition

You know when there is something that you do that can make a team member's day more difficult. Photographers understand when they are in a videographer’s sightline during toasts. MC's know when they should announce toasts and dances and it should not occur before a photographer and videographer are in place. Look at your day and what you can do to be a better team player and make the day easier for other partners at the wedding.

Be Responsive

Being responsive to your partners is equally as important as being responsive to your couples. If a colleague cannot find your contact information, then they cannot refer you. If you do not respond with availability and pricing, then they might move on. Taking inventory of the part you play in the success of an event, knowing how what you do affects your partners, and knowing how you can better support the team will all make you an MVP and someone they will want to continue working with.


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