Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
September 30, 2020

Aisle Planner is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with a series to inform and honor the Latinx and Hispanic community! In this first article in the series, learn about the rich origins of Hispanic Heritage Month, the importance of this time, and ways that we as wedding pros can celebrate, support, and make a difference in highlighting and uplifting other Latinx wedding pros and vendors, as well as all Latinx couples and communities. Tune in for the rest of the series!


The History 

Hispanic Heritage Month is a nationally recognized annual celebration of the history, culture, and contributions that Latinx communities have made in the United States. This commemoration begins September 15th to October 15th. It was first introduced as a week-long celebration by California Congressman George E. Brown. He fought to recognize the great influences that the Latinx community had on America after the Civil Rights movement and the growing awareness of the multicultural identities in the U.S. It wasn’t until September of 1968 that congress passed the public law authorizing the celebration. 

The dates are important because they honor the Independence Day celebrations of several Latin American nations. September 15th is the day that Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua declared independence from Spain, Mexico who declared their independence from Spain on September 16th, and Chile’s Independence from Great Britain on September 18th. These mark the history and freedom of many of the Latin American nations.

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The Importance 

We need to continue to work towards honoring the Latinx community through history, education, media, and in our case, the wedding industry. As a society, we’re always growing and learning. With that said, in 2020, we know that the term Hispanic itself is a classifier that prioritises the Spanish, European, colonizer perspective. “Hispanic” applies to Spanish speaking communities, while “Latinx” is the gender neutral term that applies to all Latin people. The label Hispanic excludes Indenginous and Afro-Latinx people and any non-spanish speaking nations. Even today, we're working towards a more inclusive view of the Latinx community.

Latinx people are a diverse community, and all look differently, speak differently, and practice their cultures differently. Education and awareness of all that the Latinx community has done and continues to do is an integral part of recognizing and celebrating the big and beautiful part that they play in America. Celebrating Hispanic achievements, talent, and progress is not limited to Hispanic Heritage Month but is a continual celebration.

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Ways to Celebrate & Support

Consider how your branding and money reaches and represents the Latinx community. 

  • Hire Latinx people for your team. This is a way to give a voice and opportunity to more Latinx people in the wedding industry. Not only helping diversify the wedding industry narrative but also providing a deeper connection with future Latinx couples. 
  • Consider offering informational materials (social media, website, brochures, contracts, etc.) in Spanish and Portuguese as they're the most widely spoken languages in Latin America. This widens your accessibility and shows future couples that your services are for them.
  • Collaborate with Latinx vendors to build and support their work, have the desired authentic décor, food, and attire made by Latinx owned businesses, all while expanding your list of Latinx vendors to recommend to your couples. 
  • Hire Latinx models with the actual intent of working with Latinx couples. 
  • Partner with analysts to see how you can best align your values and marketing to genuinely attract, help, and make the dream weddings of Latinx couples come true.
  • Donate to Latinx organizations like United We Dream, Vote Latino, and Movement for Black Lives


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