Communicate Like a Pro

Communicate Like a Pro
August 29, 2019
Communication is a daily act with an often underestimated level of importance. From print to digital, in person or through some form of media, we are in near constant communication with each other. And, many times, we have no idea who we're communicating with! In every instance, however, how we communicate relates to who we are, who we're communicating with and why. When it comes to your business, professionalism in how you relay information is critical. Do you communicate like a pro? Does your communication live up to the branding you've developed for your company? Unfortunately, for most wedding pros, it doesn’t. Read on to learn how to make the most out of your communication platforms, making a memorable impression on your potential clients.


Your Digits

When was the last time you updated the outbound message on your business line? For too many of us, it’s not a clear, concise, and easy-to-hear message. Is there background noise like a television, the kids, or the dog? In addition to confirming your name and business, direct callers to your website for more information. And, update your message if you are out of the office for an extended period of time.

Going Mobile

After taking a look at your phone message, ask yourself, "how's your website looking from the mobile view?" Just as you're spending more time on your mobile device, so are today's (and certainly tomorrow's) newly engaged couples. A huge number of young engaged couples are only viewing your website on a mobile device or tablet. In fact, for the first time ever, average American consumer will spend more time on their mobile device than watching television! Does your mobile version have the same luxe and professional presence as your website? Do links to your phone and email show up near the top of the page or do viewers need to scroll to the bottom? Do your images support your brand or are they out of proportion and hard to view? Make your Future clients' mobile experiences with your brand as fluid and friendly as possible.

Are You Hard To Do Business With?

If you've ever been to a business’s website and searched for an email or telephone link, then you know exactly what we're talking about. Well placed contact links on the top of each page makes it easy to make that connection. Your contact page should ideally include email and phone links, as well as links to all of your social media accounts. A contact page that only contains a contact form can be annoying, especially if there are too many questions. Many people will skip over you and move on to someone easier to do business with. Your leads are looking for accommodation to their preferred methods of communication. With as many as there are, you need to be flexible in order to make their first impressions with you positive and lasting.

Thank You For Calling

You'd be amazed to learn how many times a sale is lost because of the way you, your partners or your team mates answer the phone. Having a script for answering calls, as well as knowing what questions to ask, may help some newer team members succeed. Are you thanking customers for calling? Do you identify yourself by name? And, do you ask the caller how you may assist them? These are pretty basic and expected telephone etiquette.

The problem often comes when the caller asks to speak to someone other than the person who answers. They're generally looking for the owner or a senior team member, and the person who answered the call asks for identifying info - screening, really - of who is calling and what the call is in reference to. Tone. Is. Everything. Does the caller feel like they're being screened? Letting the caller know the person they're looking for is on a call, in a meeting, or out on a site visit can go a long way. Don't risk making them feel they're being qualified for importance. Instead, you can infer the importance of their business as it relates to the business already at hand. And, by doing so, they'll be providing a measure of proof that the same attention and focus will be paid to them when their time comes.

Your Signature Says A Lot

A signature piece on the bottom of your email tells a lot about you. From the first auto response email to an ongoing thread, people should be able to find out how to call, visit your website, and connect with you on social media. An appropriately sized head shot can help establish a personal connection. When you're going to be spending a lot of face time together, this can really pay off.

In general, wedding professionals tend to tackle all their communication practices at one time. But, they rarely go back to see if it has grown with their business and their brand. As technology and your business advances, your communication needs to be revisited and polished on a regular basis. What may have been considered acceptable in the past likely no longer cuts it. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. How professionally you communicate will make a big impact in making it last.


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