Converting a Lead to a Client

Converting a Lead to a Client
November 05, 2019

As a wedding pro, you do fantastic work in your field, but you can’t do this work without clients. Once upon a time your faithful clients were just leads with possibility. They made this transition because they were convinced that you were the perfect fit for them. Figuring out what to do to make this transition happen can feel overwhelming but the jump from lead to client isn’t a far one and it’s one that your leads can make if you rise above and use your skills, tools, and confidence to stand out.


Onboarding & Offboarding Process

First impressions are everything. Leaving a positive and lasting first impression can be the perfect way to stand out. In order to stand out, you need to think outside the box and reconsider your onboarding and offboarding processes. How you make your current clients feel will have a big impact on the referrals you’ll get. Do you send welcome packets? If so, what do they consist of? Consider including Aisle Planner information so they know what to expect and can make a seamless transition. Including a welcome gift can be such a memorable and nice touch. Clients will always remember you and your brand. That doesn’t mean you have to slap your logo on everything—on the contrary, actually. It means choosing items that feel like you and that you know your clients could use. Check out “4 Things to Consider When Gifting Clients” to get more gift inspiration. Try new approaches! Even when you’re done working with clients, send them mementos on their first anniversary to show you care. I assure you the recommendations will speak for themselves.

“OMG selling AP to brides most definitely works! I had a consultation with a bride and I let her see the demo wedding. She loved it, called me back the next day and BOOKED!” — Unseen Events

Benefits of an Aisle Planner Pro

A way to set yourself apart is by using the Aisle Planner tools as a part of your selling point. Advertising yourself with these tools will only be beneficial and help you stand out from the rest. It’ll have more of an impact on your future client’s experience and your business’ streamlining and efficiency. The key is to show them all of the tools and what they have to offer before they’re booked. Demonstrate the customization that the AP tools possess and how you’ll use them to fit their needs.

The question may arise, “Why pay extra for these tools?” You’ll be able to share with them how smooth and easy the tools make the planning process and how the cost is well worth the high return and satisfaction. A great example to use would be the email templates. This emphasizes your value in personalization vs. standardization. Among the array of tools available, highlight the budget tool since this one is an especially appealing one to couples. Use your questionnaires with your clients since they build reports and make a big difference on their impression of you and whether or not they choose to be your client. Leads will see how your services come with a full set of tools that’ll make their experience the best one possible.

Confidence in Expertise

Show them why they should want to hire you. Your confidence can be the distinguishing factor that ensures the lead to client transition. Confidence says a lot about your passion for your work and the type of services you offer. A part of selling yourself and standing apart is building confidence and radiating that to build trust with potential clients. Market yourself with all of the unique aspects that make your business special to you. What can clients gain from the services you offer? How is what you do as a wedding pro different? These questions are important to ask yourself. What you have to offer is individual to you and you have a way to create an experience and make meaning in a way no one else can. Be confident in the fact that you have the agency to believe in your own work. If you believe in it, so will your future couples.


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