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Aisle Planner Value vs Price
February 21, 2020

As a wedding professional dedicated to your craft, you know that planning a wedding doesn't happen overnight with only a piece of paper and a pen. You know all of the moving pieces needed to make a wedding, and how to pull them all together to make it as smooth and memorable as can be. That’s where modern technology comes into play. Technology has and continues to transform the wedding industry and our work as we know it. Tech has made our lives as professionals ten times easier and so much cooler! But with so many moving pieces, and so many apps and software solutions out there with every kind of "whizz-bang" feature, you may be making your work harder and spending more money than you need to. Adaptation and, ultimately, adoption are the keys to survival in today's tech-driven world. You can ensure that you're adapting by using the latest and most efficient software available that supports your unique needs. That's why we designed Aisle Planner to do so many of the things other platforms do, but we do it all under one roof, providing the most cohesive set of tools for one price. Read on to find out why technology is beneficial, how you can save, impress your clients, and grow your company with Aisle Planner.


The Value

Running a business requires so many components. From ads, listings, marketing, sales, project management and beyond. Each one being just as critical the other. In order to succeed as a wedding professional today, streamlining your processes using software is no longer a nice-to-have. It's requisite to survival! Not only is it more efficient for your business but it's also one of the most enticing aspects for your clients. Couples today want accessibility! And technology is the answer to that. Using software effectively can be difficult to figure out, but Aisle Planner makes it easy. It’s a tool designed by wedding pros for wedding pros. Our platform will fulfill so many of the software needs you may have for your company when it comes to meeting leads, booking clients, and managing every detail and every dollar of every event or project. Event Certificate raves about how Aisle Planner is the “Secret” Tool for the Best Business Management. As wedding professionals, we know what you encounter as a business and so we have worked to create tools for every aspect of the planning process. Learn more about the Plans and Subscription Options that you can get through AP so you can discover the full potential of your business.

The Cost

We care about quality and creating tools that deliver real value for you. Oftentimes, quality comes with a much higher price. But Aisle Planner's wide range of project count-based plans, each with full access to our entire suite of features, is budget friendly without sacrificing the quality you expect. Check out this detailed visual breakdown for yourself and think about what software services you’re using and what you could be paying and benefiting from with Aisle Planner.



As you can see in this cost breakdown, Aisle Planner offers an all-inclusive package with a monthly fee of $39.99 for a 10-project plan vs what you may be spending to get the equivalent of what AP provides, for a much higher monthly price.

If you haven't yet, jump into your new journey with Aisle Planner and Start a Free Trial today! We not only promise you'll find big wins for your business processes, but you'll deliver amazing client experiences from the day they say "Yes!" to the day they say "I do!".


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