How Are You Adapting to the New Normal?

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April 16, 2020

Just about every aspect of the wedding and events industry has been impacted by COVID-19. From restrictions on the size of gatherings and the government's "safer at home" policies to potential product availability and future staffing, how pros adapt to "the new normal" can determine the success of your business. Our goal at Aisle Planner has always been to offer wedding and event pros the tools they need to succeed. Here are a few great reminders of some of the ways you can use AP to be proactive with your clients in this time of crisis, as well as help you to maximize your time at home, juggling personal challenges and family.


Put Your Clients at Ease

Especially in times like these, your clients trust you to put them at ease. You're already a step ahead if you took the time to get to know your clients. Knowing what's important to them and instilling a sense of security by showing them that you're organized and share detailed information will help ease their minds. If you've invested time in setting client expectations, they'll see from your previous communication that you're connected to their vendor team and on top of all of the moving pieces of their planning.

Be Proactive

Even with having set expectations and building trust, you want to reach out to clients and reassure them that you're there for them. Discuss their contracts and what's happening with the people they've hired. Be sure you've connected with the rest of the pros on their team separately before joining everyone into one conversation. 

Reviewing details in the AP Design Studio can give you a good idea of any design revisions that might be necessary due to possible guest list changes and product availability. Knowing potential pitfalls and proactively having suggestions available continues to put your clients at ease. Most of all, you want to stay ahead of your clients. There's no doubt they're sitting home with time to spare. Focusing on a substantial financial investment with lots of unknowns and tons of family questions can create unneeded stress. Start with the nearest wedding dates first and work your way through the calendar to check-in, and be sure to check back regularly. Create templates to help you communicate quickly and effectively with your clients.

Use Technology When Postponing

With the crisis continuing and so many unfortunate unknowns, we're bound to see numerous postponements. How you respond to them and how you move planning after postponement will go a long way towards keeping them calm. Once a new wedding date is confirmed, jump into your planning updates. By updating your Timelines and Checklists to share with your couples and their teams in a timely manner is the best way to instill confidence in moving forward with planning.

Additionally, working with your couples to use available technology to update their wedding websites and keep wedding guests informed will aid in gathering information regarding new guest counts and possible changes to seating, food, and beverage minimums. Being proactive and reaching out to your team and clients, clear communication, and using technology will all help you adapt to the ever-changing situation.


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