How to Follow up With Prospective Clients

How to Follow up With Prospective Clients
November 07, 2019

The most important thing you can do if you’re hoping to book a new client is follow up. From customizable cards to perfect timing, find out the best practices for following up with clients!


Wrapping up a Meeting

If you’re the face of your company and conducting a sales meeting with potential clients, other than your traditional “goodbye” and “thank you,” the last thing you should be saying is “I’ll be following up with you by…” Hopefully, you’ve answered all of their remaining questions and they have everything they need to make a final decision.

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Stand out in a Crowd

Chances are the couple is also interviewing other professionals as well; the key is to stand out in the crowd. A small thank you gift for meeting with you can go a long way to keep you in front of their minds. Sending them off with something as simple as bottled water or a snack bar with your logo helps when they are heading from meeting to meeting. Another personal touch is a handwritten thank you note on company stationery. Nowadays, no one is getting mail except for bills and junk mail, and this one touch might make you stand out in the crowd. There are even online services where a customizable card can be mailed to them immediately with your printed signature! This streamlines the process, is customized to your brand, and gets it in their hands ASAP.

Be on Time

If you wrapped up your meeting by telling them you would be sending over information, an agreement, or checking in to see if they’ve made a decision—DO IT! Know what’s realistic before you give them a time. Do you have weddings right after the meeting, a day off, or a packed schedule? Then don’t tell them an unrealistic time, be honest.

Double Check Your Stuff

Hopefully, you have streamlined your processes with a customizable follow-up template thanking them for their time, confirming that you have the date available, and adding any additional information. Check to make sure everything in the template applies to the couple you’ve just met.

Be Confident

Playing tag with a potential client can get frustrating for both parties. When wrapping up your sales meeting, you should’ve narrowed down the likely information they’d need to make a decision. Keep your response short and sweet with the information they requested, tell them how much you enjoyed meeting with them, and ask if you can send them an agreement to lock in their date! By asking if there’s anything else you can answer for them shows them that you’re not confident in what you’ve shared with them already. If they respond that they’re not ready, there’s nothing wrong with asking when they think they’ll have an answer.

You’re Not a Pest

Following up is OK! It’s part of the process. Potential clients pretty much expect you to follow up and are often disappointed if they don’t hear back. Asking when they might be making a decision allows them some control in when you might be following up. Even when potential clients go MIA, follow up. Sometimes life just gets in the way and a family issue may have brought planning to a halt. But, your final follow up may have just come at the right time and they’re ready to book!


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