Integrating Technology Into Your Planning Business

Integrating Technology Into Your Planning Business
September 17, 2015

We love a good legal-pad to-do list as much as the next planner (there’s just something about taking pen to paper and crossing off that item that’s been haunting you for three days), but sometimes our industry can call for the use of updated business tools in order to get the job done (with as few headaches as possible). Today, I wanted to talk about the importance of integrating technology in your business through the use of collaboration tools and wedding-planning software.

What’s a Desk Job?

As wedding planners, chances are you spend about 10 percent of your time at your desk, and the other 90 with clients, vendors and happy couples (and, be honest, wine tasting). So we absolutely love that integrating cloud-based technology into your business allows you to work from anywhere as long as you have your laptop. Hey, super planner, has anyone told you how agile you look without all of those file folders?

Go Green

Cloud-based wedding planning software like Aisle Planner allows you to break your paper habit and go verde. Meeting with a client? No need to print floorplans, menu descriptions and inspiration boards. Keep them all on Aisle Planner and access them remotely from a laptop. Plans change so often with wedding planning that, by the time we’ve printed every version of every floor plan or seating chart, we’ve probably killed every tree in the New Jersey Pine Barons. (Still need your paper fix? Don’t worry—Aisle Planner offers download options for all of you feins).

Productivity Looks Good on You

Collaboration tools are one of the best ways to increase productivity, since so much of the planning process does not take place face-to-face (think: virtual office). Using online communication tools allows you to get the answers and opinions you need from clients and vendors, without the hassle of coordinating twelve different schedules and battling crowds at that coffeehouse for an in-person meeting. You can also automate your planning process by using systems and business tools that have calendar sync, notifications and workflow. And, if you missed it earlier, take a look at our Work Harder Not Smarter piece for more tips on increasing productivity. Wedding planning software and killer collaboration tools are key for creatives in the wedding planning industry. By making the most of the technology that’s available to you, you’ll have so much more time on your hands for, oh I don’t know, wine tastings. How do you integrate technology into your wedding planning business? And, more importantly, how do you benefit from it? Let us know! Join the conversation over on Instagram.


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