Our Favorite Places to Go When We Need Support

Our Favorite Places to Go When We Need Support
November 30, 2017

As we wrap up the month of November, we wanted to touch one final time on this month’s theme of support. Today, instead of focusing on supporting others, we want to talk about finding support for ourselves. After all, with crazy-busy work schedules and always-packed personal lives, every now and then, everyone needs a little support for yours truly. Below, we’re breaking down our favorite places to go when we’re in need of something (or someone) to remind us that the world, after all, is not ending—and that we, after all, aren’t losing our minds.


Coworkers or Peers

Oftentimes, the people who understand our struggles best are those who are in the same position or place in life as we are. When we’re struggling with something in the workplace, we like to turn to trusted coworkers to see if they’re having the same experience we are or can offer up a different take on what we see happening around us. Peers are also a perfect place to turn—especially those who are facing the same struggles we may be—as many of our peers are at the same place in their lives as we are in ours and, as such, can offer up the type of I Feel You, Girl support that others might not be able to.

Parents or Mentors

With age comes wisdom, which is why, when we’re really in need of some serious support, we like to turn to those who have far more experience under their belt than we do. If you’re lucky enough to have your parents around, they’re a great place to turn for that always-here-to-help support we sometimes need. If you’re looking for unfiltered honesty and strong guidance, on the other hand, mentors—whether professional or personal—also make for a great support system.

Spouses or Partners

The great thing about spouses is that they know us all too well—which means they tend to know when we’re in need of the shut-up-and-let-me-cry kind of support, versus times when we’re in need of genuine honesty and advice. In other words, they know when we just need to vent versus when we want them to offer up guidance—and, as such, they make for a support system unlike anyone else in our lives. We also tend to be our most honest selves with our spouses and partners, which makes for clear communication (most of the time, at least) and a safe-place for endless support, sans judgment.

Books, Art and Experiences

Oftentimes when we’re in need of support, there’s nothing like stories, art or experiences to make us feel empowered. For the perfect pick-me-up, we like to turn to our favorite books, re-read our favorite poems or even spend time studying works of art we love. We also love the idea of searching for inspiring quotes online, thumbing through coffee-table books for images that inspire us, or simply taking a walk in a setting we love. Sometimes, the problem we’re dealing with isn’t one that can be solved—which means, rather than turning to peers or spouses for guidance and help, we simply need to envelop ourselves in experiences that will help to calm our nerves while empowering us to move forward.


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