Personalization for Gen “We”: What to Expect from the Digital Natives known as Generation Z

Personalization for Gen “We”: What to Expect from the Digital Natives known as Generation Z
August 08, 2019

There’s Generation X, the baby boomers, Generation Y, and then the millennials. Our conversations have revolved around piecing together the millennial puzzle and finding out what they want as they walk down the aisle. But, just as we think we’ve got them all figured out, a new generation rises. Generation Z or Gen "We" is fast approaching. Each generation is well-known and categorized by defining characteristics. While millennials are tech savvy, Gen Z takes digital use to a whole new level. In order to create an intimate and personalized experience for this upcoming generation, we must first understand some of the essential traits that differentiate them from previous generations.


New Media and Technology

Generation Z is roughly defined by demographers as people born from the late 1990’s to 2010. This generation follows the trends of millennials, but they run on an increased speed when adopting new media and technology. They are the first generation to fully grow up in a digital age. Vision Critical conducted a study showing that Gen Z uses their mobile devices even more frequently than millennials. This speaks to their desire to remain connected and informed 24/7. This generation watches the least television, making outreach and advertising a challenge. Commercials used to be the prime way of advertising products or services. But nowadays, as more and more people move to streaming sights and social media, entrepreneurs must make a shift.

Social Media and Attention Span

Millennials taught us about intentional social media practices and Gen Z doubles the pressure to make a good impression in a matter of seconds. Due to the instant gratification of quick media consumption and the ease that comes with carrying the world in the palm of your hands, people have shorter attention spans. Not only is their attention difficult to capture, but they use ad blocking softwares. So how is a wedding professional meant to make a connection when it seems as if Gen Z wants to skip ads as soon as they light up their black mirror screens?

Find ways to engage with them in a meaningful manner and with as few words as possible. Gen Z appreciates being included in the journey and being able to voice their wants and needs. Also, the quicker you can get your message across the better. Long paragraphs are not as enticing as short bullet points or short visuals and videos. Therefore, digestible and accessible content is the way to go.

Inclusivity and Diversity

Given our societal progression and political climate, Gen We is diverse and expects inclusivity. It’s a standard not an option. Young people want to see representation and positive changes to help diverse groups. They don’t want to see labels and boxes. They want to have open dialogue and broad perspectives. Don’t limit yourself to one location. Think globally and include varying identities and cultures across the globe. Because this generation is so well connected, their inspiration and views are drawn from regions across the world. Along with global thinking is big dreaming. Gen Z is inspired by inclusivity and opportunities to pursue entrepreneurship that will improve society, over than other traditional paths. Create content that strays away from tradition and instead challenges the status quo.


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