Rebranding Your Wedding Business: A Checklist of Rebranding Essentials

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March 30, 2022

For wedding professionals, the late winter and early spring season are often times of working on our business while there’s less day-to-day client management. This means evaluating whether our current marketing, systems, and brand meet our needs. If your brand doesn’t represent your business, client experience, and personal touch well anymore, you might be considering a rebrand. Rebranding is more than a logo and color scheme change. It involves a lot of research, self-reflection, and clarity on who you serve and why! If you’re rebranding, here is a quick rebranding checklist to help you make the most out of this investment of both time and money in your business.


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1. Have a reason for rebranding and a clear trajectory for your business

People don’t look past bad brands. It sends up an immediate red flag and makes it much harder to convert and overcome that first impression. However, if you don’t know exactly what message you want to send, what clients you want to serve, or where you see your business going…then you might want to press pause on your rebranding plans! Take some time to do some self-reflection in your business. If you have a personal brand, you are likely very invested in your clients’ success, personally involved in serving them, and chose this career for a reason. These things will inform the rebranding process and help you shape the right messaging and visuals to attract your ideal client.

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2. Consider starting with a brand designer to oversee the process from concept to implementation

Brand designers are a step up from graphic designers. They have seen businesses through this rebranding process before and know what the implementation looks like. This can save you so much headache when they have the forethought to think about how all the pieces of the brand will come together in the end, making strategic decisions in the initial brainstorming process to set you up for success. Note: some graphic designers ARE brand designers, just may use the title of graphic designer to define their work overall. Always ask if they offer a full strategic brand design.

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3. Prioritize your website in the rebranding process

So many first impressions with potential clients happen on your website! I am always hearing people say things like,  “oh my website’s so out of date, look at my Instagram instead.” Sound familiar?! Your website legitimizes anything you say to your clients, either in person or on social. It’s often your first impression with them too! You need to be thinking about both their experience on your site–easy to navigate and contact you–and the information you display.

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4. Understand how brand photography flows within your new online client experience

Consistent, quality imagery is the standard now. It’s no longer optional! If your website features a variety of images from different photographers with drastically different editing styles, that inconsistency is implying to your clients that the quality of your work could be inconsistent too. 

Now, I know that it's so tough as a planner who works with a ton of different photographers throughout the year, and clients with different style preferences too! I recommend having a core set of imagery that covers your headshot, behind the scenes, portfolio work, and lifestyle imagery about you that is all in one consistent style. A great brand photographer can help you accomplish this, and even photograph you working with clients! Then, showcase each wedding you want to highlight in their own blog post, mini gallery, or page, tagging the photographer and venue. This will allow you to showcase your real work and shout out the vendors you love working with, without making your core website imagery look like a patchwork quilt. 

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5. A good copywriter is worth their weight in gold!

Do not overlook the benefits of a copywriter! Yes, people see before they read, so the design and imagery take priority in a rebranding process. But…they do read! And, when it comes to your online presence, your copy is the biggest factor in your ability to rank on Google for specific terms. Great copywriters can combine their creative skills, your brand’s new and refined voice, and come up with messaging that takes into account SEO strategy and conversion techniques. It’s pure magic when it all comes together!

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Who made you the rebranding expert?

Amanda Richardson
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I’m Amanda, and I’m a personal brand photographer who has also owned an event planning and catering business. I am intimately familiar with your brand and marketing struggles because I used to be in your shoes! Solving some of these pain points for myself ultimately led to this career in brand photography. I serve wildly talented business owners, helping them create strong, narrative imagery that communicates their value and helps them stand out in their market. On the hunt for a brand photographer who gets you? Let’s chat!

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