Showing Appreciation for Your Clients & Vendor Teams

Showing Your Appreciation for Your Clients & Vendor Teams
November 24, 2020

This year has been a challenge for everyone, especially clients who have had to postpone or change big events. It has also created unique obstacles for vendors who have had to adjust their businesses to pull off events during these unprecedented times. That’s why it's more important than ever to show people how much you appreciate them. “There is so much we can do as business owners to show appreciation and gratitude that costs little to no money,” says Holly Gray of Anything But Gray Events. With that in mind, here are some simple ways to show your gratitude to both clients and vendors. 



For Couples:

Showcase them on social media. As long as it is okay with the bride and groom, post a photo of them and a small write-up about their big day on your Instagram page. “It makes them feel special and shows them that I am proud to have them as my clients as well,” says Gray.

Send some anniversary love. The relationship with your couples doesn’t have to end after the wedding. Acknowledge their first anniversary on social media to show you’re thinking of them. If you want to really impress, send them a treat from the bakery that made their wedding cake or an arrangement from the florist that created the bride’s bouquet.

Celebrate other milestones. There will be plenty of other significant moments for your couples after the big day, such as moving into their first house or having a baby. Don’t forget to acknowledge those moments with a congratulatory email or card.


"There is no act too little when it comes to kindness! I truly believe that a rising tide lifts all boats." – Holly Gray


For Vendors: 

Give them a shout-out. Shout-outs on social media of your favorite vendors to work with are totally free and always appreciated—especially this year, says Gray. After all, sharing positivity about vendor experiences on social media is a kind and cost-free way to uplift your community.  

Write an online review. One of the most appreciated ways to thank a vendor is by writing a positive online review. Couples search for vendors online and read reviews for guidance— and a complimentary post from a wedding planner goes a long way.

Refer them to other couples. “Yes, the best way to show vendors you appreciate them is with continued referrals,” says Gray. “There is no greater compliment.”

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For Both:

Send a small gift. Vendors and couples will enjoy receiving a small token of appreciation, such as a bottle of wine or a beautiful plant. And the more personalized, the better. Gray actually keeps a list of her preferred vendors likes and dislikes to refer to. “I make it a point to pick up small gifts during the year that make me think about them,” she says. “All small and fairly inexpensive items that show someone you care and appreciate their hard work and dedication to your client's happiness.”

Mail out a personalized note. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a handwritten card in the mail? Your card should be personalized to them, highlighting certain things they did that stood out to you. 


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