Taking Social Media Seriously: The Importance of an Intentional Approach

Taking Social Media Seriously: The Importance of an Intentional Approach
April 16, 2019

It doesn't take more than a minute spent online to guarantee yourself the opportunity of catching a surprising, maybe even controversial post from one of your weddings and special events industry colleagues. When it comes to social media content for your business, posting with intent is an absolute must. Your business and your brand are on trial with every hashtag, post and tweet.


People Talk

In the days before social media, a local wedding publication hosted an industry event celebrating a milestone anniversary. It included the state’s Governor and other dignitaries, who mingled with pros from every corner of the industry. They mingled around the very best food and décor before being treated to a spectacular fireworks extravaganza. A fairly young catering sales manager over-indulged, making a fool of himself. It didn't end well. He lost his job and became a professional pariah, blackballed in the local industry.

Fast forward to today;  social media posts of this slightly intoxicated behavior might include tags of the venue, other businesses or even individuals who were also in attendance. Just like that, social media's amorous relationship with culpability and "guilt by association" is revealed.

Establishing content parameters and being deliberate with your business's social media messaging is paramount to any successful marketing effort. Likewise, a thoughtful approach to your employees' content, let alone behavior, relative to your business needs is equally important. It's the first step to creating social media with intent. Posting blogs, photos or posts that are off brand can do something as simple as confusing potential clients to something as drastic as tanking your brand.

Not All Photos Are Good Photos

Do the photos you post truly represent the quality of your work and your brand? We all work with clients who are sweet and whom we adore. At the end of the day, however, you have to ask yourself: are their budget, aesthetics and details on par with your ideal client? The openness of social media empowers the law of attraction. Showing wedding or event images that don't speak to your expertise, experience and style risk attracting more of the same type of client or event. It’s not necessary to post the details of every wedding. In some instances, for example, you might find that posting an image of the couple with a well composed, complimentary quote from them might be more beneficial and on brand.

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It’s All In The Details

By the same token, is your brand all about attention to detail? If not, improperly set tablescapes or a beautifully designed wedding cake with a fire extinguisher behind it can create questioning of your organization and meticulousness. Does the composition of your post get you excited or inspired? Furthermore, does what you're saying through your content speak to what your brand represents or who you are as a professional?

Additionally, are your tags and hashtags intentional and on brand? Are they designed to increase your SEO? Do they attract the clients you want? Do they enhance your brand messaging? An intentional approach to your brand presentation in social media has the power to build your brand. The diluted, confusing version, powered by off color posts and misunderstood (or, simply missing) story lines, on the other hand, can lead to something you ultimately want to avoid: a suspicion-filled and ultimately disconnected audience.

Are you intentional with your social media persona?


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