An Exciting Future Ahead: Aisle Planner Joins the Fullsteam Family

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November 02, 2021

Since we wrote our first line of code in 2013, Aisle Planner has been a company that continuously strives to make a difference through the products we design, the platform we develop, and most importantly, the community we build. Designed by event pros for event pros, Aisle Planner started as an idea to help the modern event professional manage their business more efficiently, become a more effective owner and operator, and empower them to deliver extraordinary client experiences.

Over the last eight years, we’ve continually expanded our product features and tools, and have quickly become the industry’s most comprehensive, intuitive, and seamless online marketing, sales, and project management platform. While we’ve continued to grow since day one, our mission has never changed: to build an online space that fosters creativity, encourages collaboration, and boosts productivity. 

Today we’re excited to take the next step in our journey as we announce our new partnership with Fullsteam. Fullsteam works with technology companies in various sectors, including the wedding and events industry, to create best-in-class software and payments solutions. This partnership, built on a shared vision and dedication to the community we serve, will fuel the drive, creativity, and innovation behind Aisle Planner’s powerful software solutions. We’ve already begun to bolster our development teams and processes so we can produce new features more quickly, enhance existing tools, and improve functionality. We’re also preparing to expand our marketing, customer support, and community engagement teams to better connect with, support, and celebrate you as you build and grow your business with Aisle Planner. 

Aisle Planner will remain the same trusted company you have come to know and love. Our core values will always reflect those of our pro community—innovation, efficiency, beautiful design, and empowerment. We’re committed to strengthening our industry so you and your business can reach your greatest potential. Your success is central to our mission, and we’re so happy that we can continue to grow with you and for you in even bigger ways. Thank you for trusting us with your business and for being part of the Aisle Planner family!


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Aisle Planner Editorial Team
Aisle Planner Editorial Team
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