New Feature: Rich-Text Editing for Notes in Quotes and Invoices

New Feature: Rich-Text Editing for Notes in Quotes and Invoices
December 12, 2019

No matter the size or scope of your wedding and special event business, details matter. A lot! Gathering, organizing and tracking details in the booking process is incredibly important. Turning new leads into your next clients requires clear and effective communication in order to give them confidence in the work you’re promising to bring their events to life and in your process. That’s why we’ve added a host of rich-text editing features for notes in quotes and invoices.




Rich-Text Editing Features for Notes in Quotes and Invoices

  • Undo and Redo
  • Bold and Underline
  • Italics
  • Lists (Bulleted and Numbered)
  • Links
  • Clear Formatting


Communicate the Critical Details Clearly

With these new editing functions, you’ll be able to add and organize the most important details you need to communicate in these documents, and make changes to them quickly. You’ll also be able to give emphasis where you need to, or outline next steps or payment instructions. Want to connect your quote or invoice to your proposal or a Style Guide in Aisle Planner? Reference a BEO in another software? How about linking to another payment portal, accounting platform, or even your website? Simply highlight the desired text and insert the URL link behind it!



Making the ‘Power of One’ Even More Powerful

The addition of these new tools for your notes in quotes and invoices is just another example of our dedication to making Aisle Planner the best platform for your business’s marketing, sales and project management needs. We want to give you every opportunity to make your business run more efficiently. We want to help you use your time and energy effectively. And, we want to ensure you have the best tools to deliver an extraordinary experience to your team, your partners and your clients at every step of the way. That’s our promise to give you the ‘Power of One’.

Read more about these updates to the notes in quotes and invoices in our Help Center or reach out to our Customer Success team directly via our in-app messengerFacebook Messenger or email at


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Trevor Wessman-Lavelle
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