Unveiled Real Weddings with AP Pros: Type A Soirée + Kim & John's 3-Day NYE Bash

Kim and John embracing on their wedding day
January 19, 2022

We’re taking you behind-the-scenes in Unveiled: Real Weddings with Aisle Planner Pros! In this exciting new series, we’ll be sharing an exclusive and intimate behind-the-scenes peek at real weddings planned by our talented Aisle Planner community. We’re highlighting the gorgeous details, delicious cuisine, memorable moments, top-tier planning, and the Aisle Planner tools that helped bring these weddings to life!

We’re kicking off the series with a bang—an extravagant 3-Day NYE wedding planned by Type A Soirée featuring the sweetest couple, Kim and John. The Aisle Planner and The Aisle Guide team were honored to attend each day to bring you an immersive experience with this multi-article series where you can get inspiration and tips to take your work to another level. Get ready—today we’re introducing you to the gifted planner behind Type A Soirée and enamoring you with Kim & John’s love story!


Meet the Founder of Type A Soirée

Veronica bio

The Type A Soirée Team

As a wedding and event planner, Veronica sees herself and her team, simply as team leaders or project managers. They love working with experienced vendors who are passionate about what they do. Each member of the team has their own strengths and leadership skills, and they work to bring the best out of each person so clients are always blown away!

  • Oni is one of the lead coordinators and has been with Veronica for a few years now. She is a ball of energy and a hopeless romantic. She has an artistic eye and a youthful spirit that really resonates with clients.
  • Kayla has also been with Type A Soirée for a couple of years, on and off. She is a powerhouse at events—always willing to do what it takes to get the job done. 
  • Jess recently joined the team and is a close friend of Veronica. With a degree in journalism, she knows how to look at things from different perspectives, and solve unique problems. With a background in hospitality, she really knows how to take care of guests.

Type A Soireé is currently looking for new members to add to the team! Beautiful events aren’t possible without the hard work and dedication of a team.

Meet the Couple - Kim & John

We got to sit down with Kim and John and couldn’t help but feel the love in the air! Bearing witness to their love was like basking in sunlight. They looked at each other with such tenderness. Respect and care were shared with every word spoken and every glance they gave each other. This is why we do what we do—to get to be a part of and celebrate two lives coming together in the name of love.

The couple met like many modern couples today—through a dating app. The playfulness in their relationship was sweet as they talked about the roller coaster that is dating apps and how they immediately knew that they were going to marry each other from the moment they met. We interviewed the couple to learn more about their love story, check out some of their answers below!

Kim and John in wedding attire coming down the stairs
Photo courtesy of Justice Photography


What is your favorite thing about each other?

Kim expressed, “John is reliable. He’s always there. He has my back. I know that 100% and I trust in that. He’s also just the kindest man. He’s been so loving to my children.” She continued to say, “John lets me be me and do my thing.”  John took some time to think and said, “I love her spirit, her giving nature, and her wisdom. When you reach a certain age, you think there’s not a whole lot you can learn, but that’s not true. Kim really gave me a different perspective on life and what it means to truly be in love with someone and what family means.”

How did the proposal happen?

“John proposed on Christmas,” Kim said. While John proceeded to say, “We’re both divorced and we’re older now so a lot of the traditional wedding elements were different this time around.” They instead did a commitment ceremony on the beach with their children to share how serious they were about each other. 

What are you both most excited about for the wedding? 

“The food and the music!” They both shared. “Great food is very important to us! We’re foodies.” Veronica and the couple collaborated with 24 Carrots Catering on the perfectly curated menus for each day, from appetizers, drinks, dinner, and dessert. When Kim and John left their tasting they had to hire them. “It’s the kind of food you just think about. You lay in bed thinking about how good it is!” Kim said about 24 Carrots Catering. She wanted the three days to be a total experience, from delicious food to live jazz music and dancing.

You can find the full videos of the interview on our social media at @aisleplanner and @theaisleguide.

Inspiration Behind the 3-day NYE Event

Kim and John hosted their 3-day wedding from December 30th, 2021 to January 1st, 2022 at their breathtaking forest view estate in Escondido, California. Their home was completely transformed into three different themed nights for their guests—a welcome party, a rehearsal dinner, and the wedding. 

Like many others, Kim and John’s wedding plans were impacted by the pandemic. From conversations about requiring guests to be vaccinated to what dates to choose, they came to the realization that the rehearsal dinner would land on NYE, and just like that it all came together for them—they would have the biggest and best NYE bash before their wedding! Everyone has been disconnected because of Covid and since many of their guests were coming from out of town they wanted to make their time special. So a welcome party was in order with their nearest and dearest—that’s how the 3-day event was born! It became the ultimate celebration.

The estate stands tall with Spanish-style architecture, gorgeous blue tiles that pop against the terracotta, fountains across the property, and the cutest casita in the backyard. It’s quintessential San Diego! Making Veronica the perfect planner for the job. Veronica and the couple drew inspiration from the estate’s natural beauty and Kim’s love for peacocks to incorporate in the color palette and decor. This is not only a story about how Kim and John are meant to be, but also how Veronica was meant to be their planner. Kim and John raved about how talented and experienced Veronica is. They fully trusted her and their visions were so in sync. Veronica handled most of the details and even left some surprises for Kim and John! We’re going to be giving you a detailed look at each day in the articles to come but for now, here’s a sneak peek! 

The Casa de Sueños
Photo courtesy of Justice Photography

Day 1: Welcome Party 

The intimate Mexico-inspired welcome party brought the guests together to enjoy tacos, churros, and tequila.

Day 2: NYE Night in New Orleans

They rang in the new year in style with a New Orleans night in The Big Easy. From peacock jewel tones to an astounding jazz band and traditional beignets, this was an unforgettable party!

Day 3: Wedding Day 

Kim and John said “I do” in a magical wonderland. Hanging blooms, fine Spanish details, and the secret garden dessert bar are just some of the many elements that made the wedding day so special. 

Collage of wedding
Photos courtesy of Justice Photography & The Aisle Guide

A Note From Aisle Planner: 

This whole experience was a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration with some of the most skilled pros in the business. Veronica’s passion and genuine love for her work and clients really touched our team. Type A Soirée, the couple + their guests, and all of the incredible vendors made this whole affair feel like a family. You’re in for a treat! Stay tuned for the next article in the series where we’ll take a look at how Type a Soirée used Aisle Planner tools to make these back-to-back events possible and so stunning!

Hero photo courtesy of Justice Photography


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