A Wedding Planner’s Guide to Keeping Track of all the Details

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April 14, 2021

As wedding planners, it's hard to be process-driven when you run your own company and wear so many hats. But let's face it, that’s why you started your own wedding planning business to begin with. You didn't want to have to live by someone else's rules and even if running your own business can be hectic at times, the major upside is that are you no longer are confined to a desk in a 9-to-5 job. As a wedding planner, you have the freedom to create your own destiny!

At LVL Weddings and Events, we believe that the secret to being a great wedding planner—and thriving as one—is in the details. And, we know with our whole hearts that the challenge you face with keeping all those details intact and under control is up to you! We've found over the years that it's nearly impossible to thrive without a system in place. You are a human after all.

Aisle Planner Wedding Planning Guide with LVL Academy
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As a wedding planner, it is your job to organize and manage every detail throughout the wedding planning process. And, as much as we love to be the hero, it's really hard to remember that the first dance song needs to end at exactly 1 minute and 23 seconds, or that the photographer needs to be there the moment the bride opens her surprise gift from her groom— you know, the one that he mentioned to you exactly 24 hours ago while you were busy finalizing place cards.

The good news is you can be the hero! Ironically, it just requires that you admit that you don't have superhuman powers. By using tools and technology like Aisle Planner to keep yourself organized you can deliver on all of the wants and wishes of each of your clients.

Setting up a process is the key to delivering on each of the promises you make to each of your clients. And, it is especially important to do since each of your clients will have different energy, needs, and personalities. Over the last several years we've developed a streamlined process and crafted branded documents that enable us to stay on top of every last detail.

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In addition to understanding how to manage the personal details for each of your couples, there's a long list of skills you will acquire. Your expertise in various workflows and processes should evolve along your journey as a professional wedding planner. We've been there, walked in your shoes, and faced the challenges of "figuring it out" when things don't go as planned on a wedding day. Since we wished that someone had helped guide us to the knowledge and resources we needed as young planners, we developed Planner Life Academy to support you on your journey.

We believe being a successful wedding planner is not just about creating things that look pretty. It's about knowing what it takes to make your clients happy while maintaining integrity and using the best business practices. So, come elevate your career among our community, get support in learning through workshops and virtual trainings and also secure some buisness templates you can use to help your own planning business! Learn our secrets to success to help you be the wedding planner you want to be!


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