5 Benefits of Aisle Planner vs. Google

5 Benefits of Aisle Planner vs. Google
October 15, 2020

Business management technology is the fundamental foundation of your business, your experience, and efficiency as a wedding professional, and the experience of your clients. We all know Google for having it all. After all, it's a successful platform that offers several tools and modes of management, but is it made specifically to cater to a wedding pro? The simple answer is no. On the other hand, Aisle Planner was made just for you! As your calendars and project count fill up due to an influx of the 2021 wedding season, we’ve got you covered. Today we’ll break down the difference between Aisle Planner and Google in five major product divisions: development process, client experience, sales, marketing, and project management. By the end, you’ll definitely want to make the switch!


1. Development Process 

Here at Aisle Planner, we do all of the work for you. Creating seamless and beautiful tools that are highly customizable for your needs and diverse clients. We're always improving and growing to find new ways to make your life easier. The wedding industry changes, trends come and go, new needs arise, and we adapt and change with the industry we know so well. We update our platform based on our users’ specific industry needs and feedback. Even with the customization of a solution built on Google with a one-time purchase, technology is iterative—constantly changing needs require constant attention to innovation, enhancements, and additions.

Our tools are created to serve you—weddings and special events. Our platform exists because we love the wedding community and want to continue to foster that community. Aisle Planner Founder, Christina Farrow, was a wedding planner so she knows exactly what you’re going through and the stresses that can cloud your love and passion for weddings. Aisle Planner was born out of that understanding. 

Google’s mission doesn’t see you and your business directly. You're just one of many users to them. Their tools aren’t solely intended and innovated for you and your clients. And it's certainly not a one-stop-shop. If you use the Google tools, you’ll likely have to fill in the gaps with other tools from other platforms and this can become unorganized and overwhelming. This is where Aisle Planner and Google widely vary. 

2. Client Experience

A positive client experience isn't simply made by doing the bare minimum. Google tools do just that and nothing more. We want more for you and your clients. That’s why our tools allow for an intimate and vibrant connection with clients. The interface is everything wedding aesthetic and the tools are for both you and your clients.

Collaboration and accessibility are a must for modern couples so we’ve designed detailed Project Management and Client Collaboration tools: 

  • Timeline to stay on top of deadlines
  • Checklist to manage every task
  • Budget every part of the project
  • Calendar to maintain business and project dates
  • Notebook to keep important details
  • Design Studio to draft layouts, style guides, and color palettes 
  • Vendor/Contract Manager
  • Guest Manager & Seating Tools
  • Online RSVP & Guest Communication 
  • Reminders & Notifications

3. Sales 

In order to grow your business, you need tools that equip you for growth. You must wow couples with how easy and multi-functional your process is. The tools you use are a reflection of your brand and having an organized place to process and book is a no brainer. That’s why we have the AP Lead Manager. It'll soon become your new best friend! 

You can: 

  • Collect and manage your leads (the best data consolidation) and track their status
  • Customize your booking workflow
  • Create and customize contact forms
  • Make the perfect lead checklists
  • Build automated lead inquiry responses 
  • Brand every point of communication

Effortlessly manage your leads and turn them from potential couples to booked clients. All of our tools combined are superior to Google in the client-facing booking experience. 

4. Marketing

You can’t publish or market through Google. At AP we have a built-in publishing platform! We advertise your business and connect you with future clients through our Listings in the Aisle Planner Marketplace. It’s so important to us to use our platform to bring wedding pros and clients together. 

  • Build a beautifully designed landing page to showcase your work
  • Get published with Real Weddings and Styled Shoots
  • Geo-target your market and business categories
  • Create a stunning portfolio
  • Share expert advice with a global audience by writing educational and inspirational articles
  • Post and request client reviews
  • Communicate with your clients effortlessly as every tool is client-friendly 

5. Project Management 

Let’s talk a little bit about what Google has to offer for your project management. 

Google has a suite of tools that include: 

  • Gmail
  • Drive 
  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Slides
  • Forms
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Meet 
  • Google+

These tools could be used by a wedding pro—and just about any other business to meet very basic needs. Google is not actively doing work on behalf of wedding and event professionals. With Google, you have no control or customization freedom. Let your creativity flow and set yourself apart by customizing every tool to represent the narrative you want. 

When it comes to control and client experience, unlike Google, we offer layers of customizable Permission Settings. Google only has two settings available: view or edit when sharing. With AP permission settings you can customize the levels of access for your team, vendor partners, and clients. We have Administrator, Super User, Standard User, Bookkeeper, and even more specific levels of access available. Our Pro Tools give you all of the power.

Synchronized Business Management Tools: 

  • Digital Brochures to make a good first impression
  • Proposals 
  • Contracts
  • Track the status of every project
  • Templates to simply the start of a new project
  • Interactive Quotes & Invoicing
  • Online Payments and electronic signatures
  • Master Contact Library 
  • Custom Branding 

We work smarter so you don’t have to work harder. Google and most other platforms don’t offer all of the above in one specialized place. Learn more about our tools in the Overview of our Plan & Subscription Options and connect with us if you have any questions. 

You are our why and we want to make Aisle Planner a home for your business.


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