Exciting Feature Redesign: New Lead Index

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July 20, 2022

We all love a glow up—and our Lead Index got a makeover that will make your booking experience flawless! Our goal with the Aisle Planner redesign is to streamline and improve the user experience and build consistency across the entire platform. We started this redesign process with the updated Submissions Tool and the navigation bar, and now we’re releasing the refreshed Lead Index. These new designs were built from feedback that we've received from our community over the years. This will make the AP suite of tools more engaging and easier to use. We're confident that our redesigns will allow for better business practices and workplace efficiency. Check out all of the updates below!


New Functionality

While we've kept all of the great functionality that our users know and love, we're excited to add even more improvements and enhancements to the list! Here are some of the new features you've got at your fingertips in your updated Lead Index:

We've added: 

  • Shortcuts that will allow you to more easily access your Lead Settings to set up and customize your booking workflow. Note: This will only be shown to users who have permission to access these settings. 
  • New view options allow you to customize which columns are visible and the order that those columns will appear in your Lead Index.
    • Hide any data points you don’t need to see in the index—these data points still appear in each lead record, just not on the index.
    • Drag and drop makes it easy for you to reorder data columns so that you can focus on the most important details. 
  • More search options: You can now search by Full Name, Company Name, and Email Address. We've also kept our column sort feature to make finding who you’re looking for easier. 
  • Grouped all important contact information to the left for quick and easy reference.
  • Updated inquiry date column that reflects the “age” of a lead vs. showing the date, helping you easily identify older leads that may require attention.
  • A new menu that will allow you to archive and delete leads directly from your Lead Index.
Updated Lead Index

Design Updates

We've added: 

  • A page heading that provides you with a better sense of context for where you’re at in the platform. You'll see this on all the new page designs going forward!
  • More space in the page design, making it easier for you to focus on one lead at a time and give each lead the attention they deserve.
  • A new “Actions” button toward the top right of your screen will serve as the hub for most primary functions within each tool.
  • Natural elements and patterns on the background of each lead profile help differentiate one lead from another. 
  • A cleaner pagination design that’s been moved to the bottom of each page so you can more easily navigate from page to page and select how many leads you want to see on each page. 
  • All new tools in the redesign will have black and white buttons + sleek gold accents throughout.

Before & After Redesign Shots

We hope you love these before and after shots as much as we do!


Old Lead Index Design


New Lead Index

We couldn't have done this redesign without the feedback from our community, and we’re always working to improve our tools to be adaptable and meet your evolving business needs. The Lead Index is just one of many parts of our exciting Aisle Planner redesign, and we hope you’re just as excited to see them roll out across the entire platform soon!

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