Personalizing Your Planning: AP Design Studio

Personalizing Your Planning: AP Design Studio
August 20, 2019

We'd be willing to bet that some days you wake up and think that Pinterest is killing the wedding industry. Then, on other days, you love that you can find that one piece you've been searching for high and low to perfectly personalize your client's special event. Simplify this process and give your couples and fellow wedding pros the access to engage your ideas with Aisle Planner's Design Studio.


Indecision and Too Many Choices

One of the challenges in working with today’s couples is that they've literally grown up with Pinterest, Google, and Instagram. They're extremely visual. While they might not be able to describe the thing they're swooning over, they're incredibly adept in searching through endless social media scrolls to find a stunning picture of it. Chances are, however, they might be running different Pinterest boards at the same time. Each one could be highlighting a different look or color palette. Getting a couple to narrow down color, description, and come to an agreement can be a challenge. Following that with the need to share these designs with your event partners? We wouldn't exactly call that a walk in the park either.

AP: Design Studio

In comes your superhero to save the day: the Design Studio on Aisle Planner! The Design Studio is an amazing tool that allows you to collaborate, personalize, and manage your client's design choices. You can also share comments and pass critical design information over to the wedding pros you're working with who need those all-important details.

Aisle Planner Design Studio


Pick A Color

The color palette creator on Aisle Planner is an amazing feature of the Design Studio. When each picture is loaded to one of your Style Guides, we pull the most prominent colors from the image to create a unique palette. You can then select and save individual swatches to create custom palettes for any aspect of your event. Picking several palettes will give your clients options so they can put their own spin on their special day.

Personalization is an important element of today's personal event experiences like weddings, anniversary celebrations and even birthdays. It's equally critical to the experiences your clients have in the process of creating them. Working collaboratively with your clients through the style and color palette creation process is a perfect opportunity to share in the crafting of their unique event and ensure their one-of-a-kind story is being told.


Every week, we're sharing real weddings and styled shoots created by our pro community. You can search through the thousands of images by category and save them to a selected event or Style Guide. Narrowing down bouquet styles to a few selections from our gallery and then sharing can help focus their attention. It will also lessen the time they (or you!) could spend combing through the millions of posts on Pinterest, Instagram, or other online sources. Of course, with just a few clicks, you can also download images from anywhere on the web to your desktop and upload them to your Style Guides.


My Space

When working with wedding clients, it's nice to have your own space to create to flex your own creative muscle. Somewhere where things might not get lost in translation. Or, somewhere to collect the final images and build the final color palettes based on communication and collaboration in other Style Guides. With customizable permission settings, you can hide and set restrictions on particular style guides until you're ready to share.

Sharing Is Caring

As we've been suggesting, the Design Studio delivers the huge benefit of inspiration sharing with your pro partners. And, they don't have to be Aisle Planner subscribers themselves to access them! Giving a designer a heads-up on a color palette or sharing images of the flowers with the photographer will help to ensure an easy planning process. Then, on the day of, your execution will be smooth and your event design cohesive.

Did You Know?  With customized permissions settings, every stakeholder can have the ability to create and categorize style guides and color palettes in the Design Studio. You can upload photos from your computer desktop, file sharing sites, or directly from the Inspiration Galleries on Aisle Planner. Once you’ve uploaded images into a Style Guide, you can use these images to create color palettes. These can help to communicate specific details in real time with gorgeous (and specific) visuals. It’ll surely get everyone’s creative juices flowing and keep everyone involved on the same page. Take a peek at this Design Studio tutorial video that leads you step by step through the ideation process and gives you some ideas on how to best arrange colors for an outstanding event!

Make It Personal

Creating color palettes or sharing a Style Guide with fellow wedding pros are great ways to personalize your planning process. And, bonus: it simplifies your planning process, too! Be sure to create names and add details that assure the couple you're making this just for them. Use images from their wedding venue and include details that you've gathered from previous conversations.

Aisle Planner’s Design Studio helps you to streamline the process, focus your client, and keep everyone in the loop. We're devoted to building the right tools that help our pros achieve their highest efficiency, be their most effective pro selves and deliver amazing client experiences from the day they meet to the day of their event.


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