AP|EX Series: How to Attract Your Ideal Client with Heidi Thompson

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January 25, 2022

We're bringing AP|EX to you with a new series recapping all of the amazing speakers we had in 2021! It's booking season so we're starting off with Heidi Thompson, founder of Evolve Your Wedding Business, giving tips on how to attract your ideal clients like a magnet. For an immersive and accessible learning experience, you can watch her video training and download her workbook. Let's get booking!


Heidi Thompson
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We're going to cover

  • Why the typical way of targeting your ideal client doesn’t work
  • How to read your ideal client’s mind and attract them to you like a magnet
  • How to stand out from your competition by becoming the go-to person for your ideal client

Why specialists are important

When you are having a specific health-related issue, who do you go to? Probably a specialist in that field. Your future clients also want a specialist for their needs! That's where you come in!

Specialists get to: 

  • Command higher prices and prestige
  • Become the clear go-to person for their ideal clients
  • Stand out from their competitors

Understanding this is what will help you figure out what clients you want to attract with your business. Ask yourself exactly the type of client you are looking for. It can't be a general idea, like "a fun couple between 20-35." That's not going to help you book clients. Until you focus on your values and the values of your ideal client, you won't be able to reach them. 

"Our values directly impact our consumer behavior." - Heidi Thompson

Your ideal client is a whole person

They have: 

  • Loves
  • Hates
  • Hopes
  • Fears
  • Desires
  • Dreams
  • Values
  • Priorities

If you don't market to those values, clients won't see why you're different than others in the market. Identify who your ideal client is as a whole person.

Why does this matter?

  • This is a critical piece of your marketing.
  • When your marketing doesn’t live up to the values and the problems your ideal client wants you to solve, they won't buy into your brand.
  • Client's want unique experiences tailored to them.

So how are you supposed to get to know your ideal client?

You tap into the best resource you have—your previous and best clients that you want to replicate in future clients! When you interview your ideal clients you'll:

  • Have an ideal client profile based on actual data
  • Find out exactly what problems they want solved
  • Find out why they hired you instead of someone else
  • Know exactly where to find more clients just like them
  • Know what you need to say in your marketing to attract and book them
  • Never have to guess how to attract them

How do you apply this to a directory listing with Aisle Planner Features?

Marketplace Listing:

  • Tell your story and sell your services your way
  • Easy-to-find key purchase decision-making factors
  • List “Clone Client” reviews
  • Publish “Clone Client” real weddings and styled shoots


  • Pitch real weddings and styled shoots
  • Showcase your best “Clone Client” work and amplify your expertise
  • Provide critical proof-of-concept for prospective leads
  • Give credit (and referrals!) where credit is due


  • Publish your “Clone Client” reviews
  • 40% of consumers report considering peer review content when making purchase decisions
  • Transparency builds trust

Contact Forms: 

  • Customize the design and excite your leads
  • Ask the most important, qualifying questions you need answers to upfront
  • Redirects & auto-responses
  • Embed or hyperlink from anywhere you market your business
  • Instant automated lead record creation


  • Dive into more detail with custom Questionnaire templates
  • Submitted documents are automatically assigned to Lead Records
  • Lead Records convert instantly to Client Records inside your projects

How To Attract Clients Like a Magnet Video Training 

In this video, Heidi dives into all of the content touched above and gives you real-life examples of what these strategies look like. 


Ideal Client Interview Guide
Evolve Your Wedding Business Workbook
How To Attract Clients Like a Magnet Video Training 

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