5 New Ways to Evolve Your Wedding Business Digitally

5 New Ways to Evolve Your Wedding Business Digitally
October 13, 2020

Settling for the status-quo in your wedding business is more likely to deter business, rather than invite it. Think of the outdated websites, the cluttered calendars, and the post-it notes scattered over your desk—there really has to be a better way of keeping track of the moving parts of your company. Fortunately, finding ways to stand out and evolve digitally has never been easier and more accessible. Here are five ways to evolve your wedding business ​digitally​.


Online Learning

When was the last time you learned something new to support your wedding business? Take a minute to think about how the current environment has impacted your growth—not just as a business, but as a business owner. By making a commitment to continuing to learn new ways to evolve your wedding business, you can stay current with best business practices. A few ideas include attending a virtual event like ​Booked: The Digital Summit for Wedding Professionals​, where you can engage live with industry experts on topics such as pricing, niche marketing, and brand strategy.

You can also consider signing up for a virtual class on a topic you’ve been struggling with, such as social media marketing. Get creative with learning—your business education doesn’t have to start and stop in a classroom!

Online Client Management

Finding ways to manage your client relationships online can eliminate the stress involved with building a client-focused wedding business. Using the right digital tools to communicate ideas, keep clients informed, and build a shareable portfolio online can help you stay on the same page as your customers—or maybe even a step ahead.

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Virtual Assistants

With the popularity of remote jobs on the rise, it’s no surprise that virtual assistants are becoming a popular choice among wedding professionals. Think of having your own personal assistant to take care of that daily social media post, bookkeeping, client paperwork, or appointment scheduling for you. With the flexibility of having a virtual assistant, you could spend more time focusing on your craft and work ​on your business vs. working ​in your business.

Instant Communication

You’re almost always on-the-go especially when you’re working on your wedding business. Interestingly enough, your clients are also always on the move. Despite being busy, your clients still need you to be available when they have questions so they can finalize big wedding decisions around the clock. Sound difficult? Believe it or not, there’s a solution for being everywhere and available, any time of the day.

Live chat apps on your website can help you communicate with customers and provide a personal connection to potential clients. In most cases, you can also power your live chat tools with answers to frequently asked questions. Not to mention your live chat apps can connect to apps on any mobile device where you can text answers and respond in real-time to visitors on your website. Predictions from Gartner Research indicated that by 2020, consumers will handle 85% of their engagement with businesses without ever interacting with another human being.

Digital Real Estate

When thinking of your digital presence, think of your various digital assets like real estate. Are some of your properties outdated? Are they in need of a quick renovation or a complete overhaul? ​On average, companies redesign their websites at least once every two years​—have you made any updates to be aligned with your audience’s preferences recently? Check your social media for brand and color consistency, update your bio with your latest news, and your online storefront for inclusive imagery and messaging. The more time you invest in improving your digital presence, the more valuable they will be in helping your wedding business land that next client or book your next job.

Giving your wedding business a little self-care every now and again is easy when you consider the digital resources you have available at your fingertips. Give one (or all) a try—you’ll be happy you did.


About the Author

Prianka Dhir
Founder, BoothIQ + Booked Summit
Founder and CEO of BoothIQ, a San Francisco-based startup focused on reinventing exhibitor lead generation at trade shows through technology and analytics. Prianka's most recent venture is titled ​Booked: The Digital Summit for Wedding Pros.​ Booked brings together bright minds to give talks that are idea-focused on a wide range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration, and wonder for the wedding industry.