Advertising with TikTok like a (Wedding) Pro

January 21, 2021

"TikTok is for Gen Z!", "Why would we get on there when the audience is so young and having another social media app seems like a headache waiting to happen?" We get it, it’s hard to keep up with the changing platforms. First Facebook, then Instagram, and now TikTok have all taken over mainstream media. Although, TikTok was the most downloaded app of 2020 according to The Business of Apps. So trust us when we say that it's time to embrace this new platform; there's so much opportunity here!  

So much wedding and event content can and has been created and inspired by TikTok; from cake decor, to dress inspiration, to DIY tips, planning tips, etc. Couples are even finding their perfect wedding planners and vendors through TikTok! If you’re hesitant to start, let this article guide you in learning more about the platform, and teach you how advertising your services through TikTok can change the way you gather and interact with your clients and business partners. 


Why TikTok is Actually Perfect

According to Marketing Charts, a self-proclaimed, "hub for marketing data", Tik Tok is a place for people of all ages. 25.8% of TikTok's adult users are between the ages of 18-24, with a still impressive amount of users between the ages of 25-65. The pandemic has changed media. What used to be a fairly new app for teens is now a space for all. Stay-at-home orders, postponed events, virtual events, and loneliness have people of every age turning to TikTok for light-hearted and informational content. TikTok has created an opportunity for event professionals of all kinds to connect and market to an audience of all ages! Plus, Gen Z is going to start getting married soon, so what’s more perfect than early exposure? When it becomes time for them to choose planners and vendors, they’ll remember their favorite brands and vendors from TikTok. 

Multimodality and Accessibility:
TikTok is the most multi-modal social media platform that has ever been made. It’s a combination of video, images, audio, and text, making it the most immersive, all-in-one platform. The appeal is that it’s incredibly easy to use and the content can be modified and changed to fit literally anything you want. It’s user-friendly and accessible because it allows and encourages closed captioning, which has never been the norm in media.

Education and Community:
Tiktok is not just a place for dancing and laughs, it’s also an educational space. People from all experiences, careers, and interests create digestible videos sharing information and all kinds of topics. Factual explanations and 'How To's' are a big part of the platform. There’s a community for everyone. You can find people on:

#teachertok, #musicaltok, #sportstok, #booktok, and yes, #weddingtok is super popular! Even among people that aren’t getting married soon. 

How it Works

Users can post 15-60 second videos of anything, using previously used audio, green screens,  original audio, video clips, text, etc. 

For You Page (FYP):
This is the page that all users spend their time on. It’s not just a page of people you follow, it’s a page catered to you. The TikTok algorithm creates a special feed for you based on how you interact with content.

Chronology out the window:
Unlike Instagram or Facebook, TikTok is not chronological. TikTok videos are constantly circulating on people’s For You Pages. That means that one of your old videos can go viral several weeks/months after you posted it, so don’t delete old videos that didn’t do well. Create videos that make sense by themselves, but remember that you can still create a series. Just be sure to label them, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, etc. (Ex. Wedding Tips for Winter series.)

Hashtags matter. It’s how videos get on the right FYPs. Use several relevant hashtags on each of your videos. Always use basic wedding-related tags and specific tags for each unique piece of content. Here are some go-to tags you should be using: 















Trends and Consistency:
TikTok is all about trends. There are different funny skits, Point Of Views or POVs (example; POV of a wedding planner on the wedding day), music, voiceovers, dances, and so much more that can be personalized for weddings. Be in the know of what current trends are popular, and join in! Like any platform, be consistent with posting content so users keep returning to your page. 


  1. Create an account: Make your profile reflective of your brand. No need to be too fancy, just add your business basics, like your business name and services. Make sure to switch to a "pro" account through the “Manage my account” setting so you can have tools to grow and track your performance and audience engagement. 
  2. Follow other event and wedding accounts: Follow accounts that inspire you! The more videos you watch, the more inspiration you’ll get to do your own take. This will also nicely build your FYP.
  3. Authenticity and fun: It’s not about being Insta-perfect on TikTok. This platform is more authentic, funny, and empowering. Your content doesn’t always have to be glamorous. It can be informational, casual, and everything in between. Just have fun with it! 

The world is your oyster! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Showcase different wedding themes, color palettes, seasons 
  • Do wedding/event makeup and hair tutorials
  • Bake and decorate a cake, cookies, treats, etc.
  • Make signature cocktails
  • Set a beautiful tablescape 
  • Share wedding photoshoots with trending music
  • Arrange floral bouquets and centerpieces
  • Try on wedding/event attire
  • Reactions to ceremonies
  • Behind the scene footage from a wedding
  • Wedding highlights
  • A couples love story
  • Tour event spaces 
  • Show before and afters 
  • Share pro tips and tricks
  • Make DIYs
  • Write uplifting messages in calligraphy 
  • Create stationary
  • Catering layouts
  • Cake tastings
  • Adding items to a registry 

Below are some current examples of what real wedding pros are already doing. Click through the links to watch the  TikToks and get inspired! 



Are you more spring or fall? ??#greenscreen #fyp #foryoupage #bridal #wedding #bride #engaged #weddingdress #bridaltiktok #fall #spring

♬ sweet caroline but dark academia - malachi ditto ☁️?



Spring and Fall Weddings

A smooth transition from Spring wedding feels to Fall wedding feels. @gowneyedgirl uses TikTok humor; “add a little bit of spice,” to transition from shots of Spring to Fall weddings, while changing the audio accordingly. 


Which one would you choose? ? #Wedding #weddingcake #weddingcakeidea #weddinginspo #weddinginspiration #weddingcakes #foryoupage #fyp

♬ Marry You - Bruno Mars



Alternatives to a Wedding Cake 

This video about alternatives to wedding cakes is deliciously appealing and informs the audience of what is possible and out there. 



#transformation #dallasweddingplanner #weddingvenue #weddingtranaformation #weddinggoals

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What a Wedding Venue Looks Like Throughout the Day

Look at this fabulous behind the scenes! If you’re a planner, share your knowledge! It may seem like too much exposure to share planning tips but on the contrary! You don't have to share what you don't want to, and clients will seek you out since they know exactly what you have to offer. @dallasweddingplanner talks about her experience on TikTok as a wedding planner, and how she got started. Read more about her tips on creating a successful TikTok account.



All the feels in @berta.bridal ? @weddingfashionexpert #myroutine#fyp#outfit#weddingdress#plussize#curvy#bride#bodyinclusivity

♬ WowWoah - Joe



Queens in Martina Liana show us the same dress on different body types.

If you own a wedding/event dress shop, take advantage, and use some of the TikTok trends to showcase the beautiful and refined garments you sell. Due to the pandemic, not many people may be coming into your shop, so in addition to online sales, this is a great way to showcase the dresses in a more personal way.


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