Balancing Being a Wedding Pro While Also Being a Made of Honor

A bride and her made of honor
August 30, 2023

People always ask me how I've been able to balance being a wedding planner and maid of honor/ bridesmaid. After doing it three times for my loved ones - I've mastered the balancing act. Here's how I was able to do my job while also being present with my friends/ family and for all wedding party activities!


1. Plan Ahead

Being a bridesmaid comes with a lot - from fittings to final bridesmaid meetups and more, and the best way to create space for all of that is to ensure you've planned as much as you can early, to make room for you to be able to handle personal things that come up closer to the event.

2. Build a Strong Team

The reason I was able to focus on being a bridesmaid, joking with friends, hanging out in the bridal suite and even enjoying cocktail hour with my date is because my team was managing all of the logistics behind the scenes. A strong team takes the day seriously and is able to execute without constant reminders and oversight from you - these are the people you need on your team.

3. Equip Your Team

Not only do you need a strong team, but they need to be equipped to work without you. This means you need to have standard SOPs on how you approach weddings and events so they can confidently lead the couple and guests along the way. You also have to equip your team with a solid timeline. Remember, you're the one who's been planning for 8-12+ months and while you may have a lot of info in your head from all of the discussions, your team can't read your mind. They need everything clearly documented in a way that's easy for them to follow.

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