Going Green: Business Practices to Help the Environment

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April 08, 2021

Our planet sustains life. It’s unique in our solar system since it's home to us. Earth is worth celebrating for being gentle and good to us, so in return, we should do our part by taking care of it. We honor the earth by taking action and make a difference by using your sphere of influence; your business. 


Honoring Earth Day Every Day With These Practices

Step One

The first step is educating yourself and your team on eco-wedding practices, once you have a solid foundation and model you can educate and advise your clients. Here are a few questions to get you started. 

1. What do you believe in and value? 

We all want to save the world and go above and beyond, but sometimes that’s not feasible and sustainable long term. Choose what you firmly stand by and support.

2. What are your goals? 

Create goals from your values. Are your goals clean energy-oriented? Recyclable? Ethically sourced? Charitable? Once you have these goals down, it's easier to implement daily practices that are great for your business and the earth alike! 

3. Who are your vendor partners? 

Build partnerships with vendors whose values align with yours. Do some research. What kinds of sustainable efforts do they practice? See how they're doing their part so you can partner and have a larger impact.

This post delves deeper into ways that you can identify your beliefs, set your intentions, and give your clients advice on how they can make their weddings more sustainable.

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Step Two

Once you’ve identified what you value most and what eco-friendly efforts you want to take on you can explore methods of integrating green in your own business and conversations with clients. Help clients consider "How Green Is Your Wedding?" by presenting these pro earth wedding ideas.

1. Invitations 

Skip the paper and go paperless! This is the best method for couples to go green. In an age of social media and gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing websites, your clients can give their guests all of the information without ever having to print. If they really want paper invitations for a more traditional feel and to create a lovely keepsake for guests, then encourage them to consider  recycled paper as an option.

2. Upcycle!

  • Rent tuxedos for the groom and groomsmen.
  • Use a vintage family wedding dress for the bride, or at least some pieces can be repurposed for the new dress or other elements of the wedding. Look for wedding gown designers who are working to make bride and bridal dresses with eco-friendly materials.  
  • For the ring, consider a treausred family heirloom or partner with jewelers who offer sustainable and ethically sourced gems and minerals.

3. Stay Local

  • Is the venue accessible? Does the venue recycle, repurpose, and use energy efficiently?
  • Is the catering company local? Does it serve in-season, locally grown foods? Do they have donation procedures so food doesn’t go to waste and it can go to those in need?
  • Can you source flowers from a local shop? Are they organic and sustainably sourced? Do the florists offer any recycling services?

All of these factors contribute to less transportation fuel and can support a movement of responsibly sourced wedding design that will be better for your clients, their guests, and earth!

Step Three

Don’t forget, with AP you have access to share your best globally conscious work and expert advice. Aisle Planner is a place where you can:

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Featured Pro: Keen Events on Being Eco-Friendly

Keen Events is Oregon’s first green certified wedding planner. Here are some tips they recommend for anyone starting to build a more sustainable buisness.

  1. Find a green certification program to educate yourself and your team.
  2. Leave a place better than you found it.
  3. Eco-friendly does not mean you’re compromising the quality and extravagance of the wedding.
  4. You can ensure minimal waste in almost every wedding planning practice.
  5. Think of ways you can help others, so nothing is wasted.
  6. Ask your clients and vendors lots of questions.
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