How Wedding & Event Pros Can Boost Their Marketing with Hashtags

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April 25, 2023

While custom wedding hashtags are a way for couples to brand their big day, it’s also pivotal to use hashtags for wedding and event professionals. Marketing your event-centric business with appropriate hashtags is an effective way to help build your brand and increase engagement.

In recent years, social media marketing has drastically increased in importance with no signs of stopping. It’s crucial for your brand to have a strong social media presence, and clever hashtags are a key ingredient for achieving this. Let’s further explore why hashtags for wedding professionals are so important and how you can come up with a unique hashtag for your brand.

How To Use Hashtags on Instagram as a Wedding Professional

Hashtags are the ultimate sorting tool when it comes to content on social media. Tagging your posts with relevant hashtags helps your page become more discoverable to the exact audience who would be interested in your content. Using hashtags as a wedding and event professional will help increase your brand’s visibility, help attract new customers, and help increase your page’s engagement. On Instagram, up to 30 hashtags are allowed in one post. You don’t have to use all 30, but having a decent variety of relevant and specific keywords and phrases in your hashtags will make your brand more discoverable. 

When it comes to best practices for using hashtags as a wedding professional, you should always remember to tag your profession (ex. #weddingplanner, #weddingphotographer) as well as tag the location where your services are available (ex. #sandiegoweddingplanner, #newyorkweddingphotographer).

Using specific hashtags for your service and location can help new customers find what they’re looking for within the area they need the service.

How To Come Up with a Unique Hashtag for Your Brand

Aside from using specific wedding-related hashtags that describe your service and location, you may also be considering a one-of-a-kind hashtag that helps further brand your business. There are multiple ways to accomplish this from creatively brainstorming a hashtag yourself or seeking inspiration from a professional hashtag service. Let’s look into the different options available to you.

Use a Hashtag Generator

When it comes to thinking up hashtags for wedding professionals, you can always consult a hashtag generator for inspiration. These generators will typically ask for keywords or phrases such as the name of your company or the services you provide. 

Once you input these simple details, the hashtag generator will return to you a list of computer-generated hashtag ideas. While these results may be generic or basic suggestions, they can be a good starting point for creating a branded hashtag perfect for your profession.

Brainstorm Ideas with Your Brand Name

After consulting a hashtag generator, it’s time to start brainstorming additional ideas on your own. Start with your business’s name and begin jotting down potential phrases and slogans that work well with your brand.

For example, a good place to start would be with rhymes. Think of ways you can creatively use rhymes, sound-alike words, or alliteration to construct a one-of-a-kind phrase. Let puns be your best friend as you swap out words in common phrases, quotes, or song lyrics and replace them with your company’s name.

There is no one way to think up a custom hashtag as everyone’s creative process differs. However, don’t get discouraged as you brainstorm. Know that this process will likely take some time as you explore a variety of different avenues. Don’t be afraid of bad ideas or suggestions as inspiration can come from anywhere. Use online resources for help and consult your friends, family, business partners, or employees for additional brainstorming help and inspiration. The more minds the better!

Turn To Professionals

If the hashtag generator and brainstorming sessions are proving to be difficult, or if you’d rather leave your brand’s identity in the hands of professionals, you can always turn to a pro hashtag writing service for help.

Wedding Hashers is a service that does the brainstorming for you as their team of pro writers will help you come up with a complete list of custom wedding event hashtags. Whether it's a newly engaged couple looking for their lifelong slogan or a business looking for a hashtag for their event or brand, these writers have years of experience perfecting puns and serving up slogans.

Wedding Hashers

The process for obtaining your one-of-a-kind branded hashtag is a simple one. On the site, just submit your details like your name, business name, service, location, and other pieces of info you deem important. The more details you provide, the more personalized the writers can be when unleashing their creativity.

Once you submit your request, a pro writer will immediately get to work on your project and deliver a list of hashtag ideas directly to your email address within one business day. Just as a custom business hashtag is a great way for you to market your brand, personalized wedding hashtags are a great way for engaged couples to prepare for their wedding.

If you’re interested in offering your clients custom wedding hashtags as part of the wedding planning process, Wedding Hashers offers an affiliate program in which you can earn commissions from the referral. 

Hashtag Ideas for Wedding Professionals

To help jumpstart your brainstorming process and offer inspiration for your hashtag marketing strategy, here is a list of hashtag ideas that wedding professionals may consider for their own posts.

General Wedding Hashtags

  • #WeddingPlanning
  • #WeddingInspo
  • #WeddingDecor
  • #WeddingGuests
  • #WeddingIdeas
  • #WeddingDay
  • #WeddingStyle
  • #WeddingDetails
  • #SaveTheDate
  • #WeddingInvitations
  • #WeddingBlog
  • #BrideToBe
  • #WeddingAdvice

Wedding Planner Hashtags

  • #WeddingPlanner
  • #LosAngelesWeddingPlanner
  • #ArizonaWedding
  • #WeddingPlanning
  • #WeddingTips
  • #WeddingTricks
  • #WeddingInspiration
  • #WeddingTime
  • #JustWeddingThings
  • #PlanningThePlunge
  • #WeddingTheme
  • #BlackAndWhiteWedding
  • #WeddingColorSchemes
  • #WeddingBudget
  • #TrendyWeddingIdeas
  • #MicroWedding
  • #PlanningPaysOff

Wedding Photographer Hashtags

  • #WeddingPhotographer
  • #WeddingPhotography
  • #SeattleWeddingPhotographer
  • #WeddingPhotos
  • #WeddingPhotoAlbum
  • #WeddingPhotoBooth
  • #WeddingPhotoshoot
  • #WeddingPhotoIdeas
  • #WeddingPhotoInspiration
  • #PicturePerfectWedding
  • #EngagementPhotos
  • #BestWeddingPhotographer
  • #BridesmaidPhotos
  • #WinterWeddingPhotography

Wedding Dessert Hashtags

  • #WeddingCake
  • #WeddingCakeIdeas
  • #PastryChef
  • #DenverDessertDesigner
  • #ChocolateWeddingCake
  • #NakedWeddingCake
  • #RusticWeddingCake
  • #WeddingDayTreats
  • #WeddingCakeTopper
  • #DessertTable
  • #WeddingDesserts
  • #CutTheCake
  • #CakeDesigner
  • #DonutWall

Wedding Venue Hashtags

  • #WeddingVenue
  • #CaliforniaWeddingVenues
  • #DestinationWedding
  • #BeachWedding
  • #GardenWedding
  • #WeddingInTheWoods
  • #LuxuriousWeddingVenue
  • #WeddingVenueIdeas
  • #MicroWeddingVenue
  • #OpenAirChapel
  • #RooftopWedding
  • #BestWeddingVenues
  • #AffordableWeddingVenue
  • #WeddingVenueHunting
  • #WeddingAltar
  • #AWalkToRemember
  • #WeddingCeremony
  • #WeddingReception

Wedding Decor Hashtags

  • #WeddingDecor
  • #WeddingDecorator
  • #WeddingDecorIdeas
  • #TropicalWeddingDecor
  • #WeddingMood
  • #WeddingFlowers
  • #FloralArrangements
  • #SummerWeddingDecor
  • #WeddingTables
  • #Tablescape
  • #WeddingCenterpieces
  • #GlamWedding
  • #WeddingInspiration
  • #WeddingColors
  • #FallWeddingIdeas
  • #WeddingFavors
  • #WeddingStylist
  • #FairytaleWeddingDecor
  • #WeddingDecorations

Use Your Hashtags Like a Pro

Now that you understand just how important hashtags can be for wedding professionals, it’s time to put it to the test. Whether you came up with a branded hashtag yourself, or let a professional writing service create some custom business hashtags for you, you can now start creating posts with your new hashtag marketing plans in place. Then watch as your social presence grows! 

Don’t forget to utilize generic wedding-centric hashtags too as they can help provide important details about the wedding services you offer and where you offer them. Continue using strategic tags and you’ll get the most out of social media marketing. 

Good luck out there!


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