Using Your Values & Beliefs to Connect With Like-Minded Clients

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March 18, 2021

We often hear from wedding professionals how difficult it is to attract their ideal client. Some professionals book clients and then realize there's just no real connection. It suddenly becomes more of a “job for a client” and less of pursuing a passion or making a dream come true. Many people have realized this connection is less about whether the client’s style is boho, rustic, classic, or shabby chic, and more about whether their personalities connect.


What Your Website Says About You

While websites are a reflection of our businesses and brands, they also need to reflect us, show personality and demonstrate what we stand for. Research shows that people do business with people they know, like, and trust. Beyond showcasing pretty weddings, talking about attention to detail and professionalism, what does your website really say about you? What is there to make people connect with you?

Inclusivity & Diversity

Potential clients want to see themselves reflected in the images they see on your website. Including imagery of couples of all sizes, colors, and abilities will tell potential couples a lot about your ideals. Inclusive language, or rather a lack thereof, can either attract or repel certain couples. You might be amazed at the number of straight couples who walk away from businesses that don’t use inclusive language. Some straight couples with LGBTQ+ friends and family members feel better about partnering with businesses that are inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community. But, connecting is so much more than that.

Wedding Inspiration
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About Us

Have you ever looked at an "About Us" page only to see things like, “we are the best XYZ in our region" or "we have incredible attention to detail", and "we pride ourselves on amazing customer service"? All of those things are the bare minimum of what people expect of professionals. But, more importantly, who is "we"? Who are the faces behind the "we"? What do they like, what do they stand for, and how do they connect to me as a consumer?

An "About Us" page with team photos, bios of principal team members with qualifications, and experience is a step in the right direction. But sharing a bit of your authentic self will build relationships that matter. Not only relationships with potential clients, but also with other professionals who may be looking to do business with you or refer you.

Your Authentic Self

Sharing a bit of your authentic self on your "About Us" page and your social media allows relationships to form. Two wedding professionals with similar backgrounds, experience levels, styles, and pricing might have very different business philosophies, social justice views, and support very different organizations. Offering a glimpse into your passions, hobbies, and causes you support can do wonders to attract couples with similar values and interests.

There's Always a Flip Side

Whenever you share a bit of yourself, you stand to gain a lot by connecting with like-minded professionals and clients. They know right away what to expect, and feel like they have a connection. Although, you must be prepared for the opposite to happen.

When same-sex marriages were legalized in a few states and wedding professionals came out in support of marriage equality, some lost business for the stand they took. Fortunately, most attracted as many clients as they lost. Taking a stand on issues and especially making clear your political views can go a long way in attracting like-minded people. It also delivers a clear message to people with opposing mindsets that you might not be the best fit.

Sharing what you believe in and delivering a clear message about your values is an important business decision. Be sure that you and your team, or any business partners have discussions on the pros and cons for your business and be sure you're all of the same minds.


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