Pro Partners & Resources

From our professional experience to the glowing recommendations from our community of wedding pros, we've curated a list of our favorite tools and resources. Our Pro Partners are best-in-class industry experts, educators and service platforms, while our Educational Partners teach Aisle Planner as a part of their ongoing educational curriculum.


How Giving Back Can Help You Book More Clients

The wedding boom has arrived, and as many pros are getting back into the swing of things, it’s essential to think about how your business can evolve. One increasingly important approach is to incorporate cause marketing into your business plan. Don't miss this discussion all about cause marketing and how giving back can help you grow your business.


Diversity & Inclusion in the Wedding Industry

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Aisle Planner's Diversity Committee, we hosted a webinar with a panel of our committee members to discuss diversity in our industry, reflect on the past year, and look ahead to what the future holds. Check out the discussion to learn what you can do to help diversify our industry and be more inclusive in your business!


Considering Lawfulness in the Time of COVID-19

In a time where it still feels like things are changing weekly (if not even daily) it's important to keep on top of the constant changing restrictions and laws.⠀

We are joining Heidi Hughett, Alicia Falango, and Kate Whelan, the founders of the California Events Coalition. Together they walked us through how to determine the lawfulness of an event, how it effects you and your client, and most importantly, your business.


Protecting Your Future With Annette Stepanian

Check out our discussion with Annette Stepanian, attorney for entrepreneurs, about protecting your business from big life changes, creating cash flow, navigating insurance, contracts, and how to handle new engagements and possible postponement fees.

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