Creating the Perfect Ambiance

floral tablescape featuring a white tablecloth, gray table runner, marble plates, rose gold utensils and with pink and red florals
February 25, 2021

That first look, the gentle tears that fall upon seeing the love of your life walk down the aisle, your first dance; it’s all intended to be very intimate. Weddings are meant to be romantic. But not all weddings embrace traditional romantic details and the power of setting just the right ambiance. We've rounded up nine helpful tips on how to achieve a most swoon-worthy atmosphere. Now go, plan a hopelessly romantic and head-over-heels kind of wedding that will have every guest feeling weak in the knees!


Select the Dreamiest Venue

couple holding up a sign saying 'eloped' with a free-spirited bohemian backdrop
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Picking the right location to get married/hold an event will set the tone for the entire experience. Learn more about What Makes a Perfect Wedding Venue. Help your clients choose an inherently romantic venue. It will be the backdrop to the moody lighting and sweet personal touches. Venues that are historic, old, and full of greenery tend to be the most atmospheric.

Romantic favorites:

  • A Garden
  • An Estate
  • A Medieval Castle
  • Glass Greenhouse
  • An Iconic Library
  • The Forest
  • An Old Church


Make Moments for Meaningful Vows and Speeches 

couple during outdoor wedding ceremony with rustic creekside backdrop
Photo courtesy of Melissa Fe Chapman Photography


We celebrate weddings and events because we love the feeling of people coming together. At the heart of a wedding are the union and the commitment of two people choosing each other for the rest of their lives. Highlight that romance by encouraging your clients to write personal vows, have meaningful ceremony readings, and other ceremonial activities like the hand-tying ceremony or lighting a unity candle. This will warm the hearts of guests and make some tears fall. 

When it comes to the reception, don't let the love stop! Keep guests involved and words of encouragement flowing by having selected members of the wedding party/selected guests give speeches, or have some time allotted for open-mic speeches. 


Install Lighting that Glows

glowing chandelier hung amongst tapestries
Photo courtesy of Weddings by Paige Vaughn


This is by far the most important tip! Whether your client's event is indoors or outdoors, whether it’s being hosted during spring, summer, fall, or winter, lighting is guaranteed to transform the mood. Remember when installing lighting that glows, the goal is to not have bright overhead lighting. Think Valentine’s Day candlelight dinner for two, except on a grander scale. Turn the lights down low and let shadows and flickers of light make every guest feel like they’re falling in love. 

Set the scene with these lighting options:

  • Large candles atop tables and mantle pieces
  • Candlesticks and candelabras as centerpieces
  • Tea lights leading up pathways
  • Lanterns (traditional or paper)
  • Fairy lights 
  • Large bulb string lights
  • Sparklers 
  • Fireworks 


A Rose is Not Just A Rose

tablescape with pink and white florals among glass votives with glowing tall white candlesticks
Photo courtesy of Weddings by Paige Vaughn


Nothing screams romantic ambiance like florals. A traditional symbol of romance and passion, roses are an embodied declaration of love. Include roses as focal floral points to achieve a romantic ambiance. If roses are not an option, remember that any flower can add hints of romance! Pair roses with another floral or use a different flower altogether! 

Pro Tip: In addition to roses and other florals, hanging greenery and ivy can make any scene feel like a fairytale. 

Sit with your Sweetheart

couple sitting at sweetheart table, staring at one another in marital bliss
Photo courtesy of Brooke Silverman Photography


Sweetheart tables can be so romantic. They give the couple some alone time to have dinner and enjoy their beautiful atmospheric wedding. Long dining tables remind us of having a communal dinner with family. You can evoke this feeling of warmth and intimacy by arranging tables and seats to encourage guest interaction. 


Romantic Textures

gold, white, and cream place setting with purple velvet cloth and gold utensils
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Add velvet and silk table runners and napkins, chair cushions, and couches. Incorporate ribbon and chiffon touches everywhere! Wrap textured and bright colored fabrics around bouquets, tie them to other elements of decor as accessories, hang fabrics elaborately from above, etc. These textures will evoke a sense of effortless romance. They will undoubtedly make any event feel more immersive and romantic. 


Decadent Food and Dessert 

decadent chocolate cake on gold platter topped with pomegranates and berries
Photo courtesy of Melissa Fe Chapman Photography


Nothing says love like delicious food and dessert. Pick foods that taste and look romantic in nature. Chocolates, creamy sauces, and cheeses are all must-have ingredients. Along with these rich flavors, pick elevated dishes that are either individually served or placed at each table for sharing. This makes it feel more personal and familial than the average buffet style. Read up on How to Personalize Your Wedding Menu, for inspiration, and to assist you in guiding clients to a unique menu that tells their love story. 


Ambient Music  

detail shot of couple holding hands
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Music is the ultimate mood setter. Be intentional with the way you curate music for any event. Create a cohesive playlist that carries through the ceremony, cocktail hour, to the reception. Consider having a live musical component to really make people swoon. A pianist for the reception and a two-string quartet during cocktail hour and dinner can be such a high-end touch. Throw in the perfect first dance song, along with some classic love songs sprinkled in so everyone can have a slow dance moment. Need playlist inspiration? Get ready to be wooed by these 40 Impossibly Romantic Songs to Play at Your Wedding


Moody Scents

bed of a truck filled with crates of greenery and fresh fruit, oranges and pomegranates
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The smell is one of our strongest senses and plays a major role in eliciting emotion and memory formation. So we’re here to remind you to prioritize smell in the planning process! You want the events/weddings that you plan to have a special scent attached to them. Adding signature scents that match the couple's desired romantic aesthetic will really bring the whole experience together.  For a moody romantic atmosphere opt for small scented candles, herbs, fragrant flowers, and plants placed around the areas that will be the most populated and get the most traffic. 

If your couple wants an evergreen and earthy vibe, check out DIY Natural Room Scents. You can fill elegant jars with water and the ingredients above to make an aromatic experience. Not only does it smell amazing, but it’s also incredibly appealing to the eye. These DIY jars serve as decor and scent all in one!  

Top Scent Recommendations: 


  • Lavender 
  • Freesia
  • Peonies
  • Lily
  • Gardenia
  • Jasmine


  • Mint and Vanilla 
  • Pine and bay leaves
  • Orange and cinnamon
  • Lemon and rosemary


Hero image courtesy of Maria Lopez & Victor Lara


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