All About Leads: Booking Clients in a Snap

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May 19, 2020

The Leads tool is one of the most powerful tools AP has to offer. Think about all of the things you want to do but don’t have time for. Our lead integrations can save you an abundance of time and improve your overall workflow so you have extra time to enhance your business and for yourself. Understanding all that the Leads tool can do for you will change your process for the better. Take advantage of this all-inclusive powerful tool that will support you from beginning to end.


An Introduction to Leads

The whole purpose of the Lead Manager is to ensure that you can do what you do best—book clients! With this suite of tools you can transition prospective clients to booked in a snap. By creating a new lead record you automatically increase your chances of making that lead into a client by having a clear system in place that'll allow you to save important info so you can check in on those potential new clients. There’s even a question about where they heard of your business so you can stay up to date on what marketing efforts are working. You can add leads manually or have them uploaded instantly by setting up the Lead Intake Form to your website. You’ll get instant emails from the forms so you know who to prioritize and if the client would be a good fit for you and your team. Plus, whenever someone fills out the intake form, you can send them an automated message with more information about your business so they're engaged with your quality work from the start. Not convinced? Read 9 Reasons to Use Aisle Planner’s Lead Management Tools.

New Updates

There’s New Updates in the Aisle Planner Lead Manager to make your booking process more organized. We’ve added pages to your Lead Manager so you can hold a large quantity of leads. After every 25 leads, a new page is populated so you have space and organization for all of your potential clients. We’ve made it even easier by adding a feature that allows you to search your leads by name.

Set up your Default Lead Assignments so you can specify who's automatically assigned to what lead. You can assign multiple team members to a lead, while setting permissions on what leads your team members can see. And, on top of that, you can add multiple projects from a single lead. We’re continuously working on improving our tools to meet your needs.

Auto Respond Email
Lead Auto Response Email Example


  • Everything on Aisle Planner is customizable and your Lead Manager tools aren't exempt from this customization. If you want to find out more about how your clients are finding you, learn more about Customizing Your Lead Sources.
  • There's Custom Styling Lead Contacts available when you embed your Lead Form. Choose custom colors and fonts that fit your brand, making sure your clients get the best experience from the start.
  • Customize Your Services Types so your services are always reflected on your lead records and always an option on your lead contact forms.
  • Ensure that your booking is up to date by Customizing Your Booking Process. That way you’ll never lose track of where you’re at in the process of converting a lead to a booked client.


No need to invest tons of time on Booking New Clients and Adding Leads Into Your Lead Manager. We’ve got you covered with all of the templates you can think of! Increase Your Sales by arming yourself with a whole library of templates. Securing a client might come down to time. How quickly you’re able to get back to them before they find another pro that responded sooner. That’s all in the templates. You’ll save so much time with ready-made templates. However, not every potential client is the same. The way you engage new clients is going to vary no matter what. With the custom Lead Checklist Templates you can create unique workflows to secure that booking. This is an innovative tool made to empower you and your business.


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