How to Market Yourself as an Aisle Planner Pro

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September 02, 2022

Repeat after us, “Aisle Planner is a big selling point for a wedding and event professional.” Remember that! Our all-in-one suite of tools helps you and your business in so many ways but are you actually using it as an asset to market yourself to new clients? If the answer is no, it’s never too late to shift your marketing strategy! With the AP tools in your arsenal, you’re showing clients the value and quality of your work right off the bat. With beautifully branded and comprehensive tools, clients can trust that you’re the right person for the job—someone that’s up-to-date, organized, and as savvy as they come. Let’s jump into how you can incorporate Aisle Planner into your marketing and booking processes.

Use the Lead Manager as Your First Impression 

When a client is excited to learn more about your services and wants to get in touch, it’s important to make that first contact easy—for you and them! If getting a hold of you is difficult and you take a long time to respond, your client is getting a clear picture of what working with you looks like. From that first point of contact, you want to brand yourself as an Aisle Planner pro who has the tools to respond quickly and efficiently. Your sales process speaks to your reputation and how clients can expect to be treated. The solution is to use the Aisle Planner Lead Manager as a marketing tool. Nothing speaks louder than actions and experience. Show future clients how you keep all of your leads in one place, see statuses at a glance, and can send documents for booking in a snap. 

Aisle Planner Lead Manager

Include Aisle Planner on All of Your Materials

Talk about Aisle Planner in all of your materials—on your website, in your informational packets, brochures, or in any digital files that describe your packages/ services and what they include. When potential clients reach out to you, they are not only hiring any pro that uses a Google doc to manage their business, they are hiring a top-tier pro that uses a high-end platform created specifically for the industry. Your clients are getting you and Aisle Planner! List out everything that Aisle Planner does that will benefit them. Below are some examples: 

  • Checklists & timelines for organization
  • Design Studio & layouts to bring the vision to life
  • Interactive quotes, invoices, and budget that tracks progress & payments
  • Easy payments through Wedpay
  • Collaborative tools for easy communication
  • Templates for every need

We’re used to marketing our work with pictures of the weddings and events we’ve done in the past, but you can take it to another level by documenting the process from beginning to end. That way future clients can really see you in action! You can even plan a styled shoot, create a sample project for it and take screenshots/ screen recordings to capture the process vs. the beautiful end result. There’s no better way to sell your services than that! For inspiration, check out how AP pro, Todd Harper does this!

Aisle Planner layouts and real life venue layout

We encourage you to gift each of your clients a welcome kit. This is a great place to talk about Aisle Planner. Whether it’s an actual welcome packet or a digital welcome kit, include an introduction to the platform and how they can use it with you. This works as both a selling point for you and ensures that clients know what to expect. They’ll likely even get excited about accessing their client lounge if it’s part of the conversation from day one.

Once you’ve turned those leads into booked clients, we’ve got all the tips you’ll need to onboard your clients onto Aisle Planner! Remember, the more your clients use Aisle Planner, the easier your job will be. Get them set up and acclimated from the very beginning. By defining this process, you’ll ultimately build your workflow and ensure your clients, team, and vendors are on the same page.

Stay on Top of Your Marketplace Listing Game

In addition to having a strong social media presence and a beautiful website, it's important to have a portfolio of strong listings with real client reviews. Build your portfolio by submitting your best real weddings and styled shoots! Learn How to Submit Your Real Weddings & Styled Shoots to Aisle Planner. The more visual proof of your amazing work the better. Taking advantage of The Aisle Guide's Marketplace Listing is a great way to show off your gorgeous portfolio and stellar reviews to a new audience!

The Aisle Guide Marketplace Listing

Let The Design Studio & The Layout Tools Shine

Being a wedding pro in 2022 can be rough! There are an abundance of platforms that make engaged couples ecstatic with possibilities. Pinterest is one of the sole proprietors for setting high expectations for wedding aesthetics. Although it’s nice for inspiration, it can be unorganized and forever remain a pretty picture, without the possibility of it being a reality. The AP Design Studio is everything! It takes all of those aspects from other platforms and creates a space where clients can visualize their wedding in a very real and manageable way. This is how you sell it to clients! Take them to The Aisle Guide Inspiration Gallery and show them how you can pull color swatches and build their own palette from their favorite pictures and just watch their eyes light up! You're able to show your creativity and they can personalize however they see fit, all under your guidance. You can also make the best of the Layout Tool by exploring and designing multiple layout options. You also have the ability to reorder and customize the Guest List with AP. The combination of all of these tools is what makes you stand out as a pro!

The Aisle Guide palettes



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