Pros Share How Aisle Planner has Improved Their Business

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November 12, 2021

Aisle Planner was founded with the mission to be an all-in-one business solution for wedding and event professionals. Our goal is to make beautiful and seamless tools that ultimately improve your business, make your job easier, and help you shine and stand out! Read on to see how Aisle Planner has helped these pros grow and improve their businesses.


The Power of One 

"I love that everything is under one roof. I can accept payments, manage invoices, track budget, checklist, questionnaires–everything right here. I love that!" –Lezlie Hicks from Lezlie Hicks Events

"Aisle Planner has been a game-changer! I almost gave up on coordinations, but once I really started targeting this as a problem area and creating the systems I need in Aisle Planner, nothing is missed and wedding days are as smooth as butter now! I couldn't do my job without it!" –Lynette Ulman from All Grand Events

"It has greatly improved our efficiency and how long it takes us to respond to our clients. With Aisle Planner everything is easily accessible." –Melissa Webb from EPIC Events & Design


"My clients love it, and always talk about how professional and useful the tools are. It makes them feel more organized, empowered, and in control–and it helps me organize information and keep everything in one place. Particularly this year, which has suddenly become very busy after the pandemic pause, it's been invaluable to have somewhere to keep my thoughts and notes in order. It also gives me the confidence to come across as an established, experienced planning partner for the couples who book with me! I also use Aisle Planner as an integrated Lead Form on my website, and I love that it helps me gather information from each lead in a really clear and reliable way." –Valentina Ring from The Stars Inside 

"AP has helped our team and clients stay more organized with all of our event details and team projects in one location. It's also increased collaboration and improved communication with our clients." –Michelle Peralta from Josie Michelle Events

"It saves us time! This is so huge! With everything organized and in one place and with pre-existing templates we don't ever have to start from scratch." –Taylor Williams from Coastyle Weddings & Events

Payments & Invoices

"Keeping me organized is a huge improvement. I love the invoice and payment schedule set of tools because clients can go back and check to see where they are at with their payments, independent of reaching out to me. It also just feels much more professional and has elevated my brand and allowed me to send them payment reminders. Being able to send contracts and invoices from the same platform with the same consistent look is also a huge help." –Emma MacHugh from First Blush Weddings and Events

"I no longer use a 3rd party invoicing system–having it all in-house before the client formally agrees to partner is so streamlined and polished. I love the logo feature on all exported documents from Aisle Planner. It helps me maintain my brand consistency when talking to both my clients and our creative partners." –Natalie Rice from Natalia's Event Planning

"Aisle Planner tools have saved me so much time and energy. It has given my business a consistent look, my invoices are automated, and my contracts have a professional look to them." –Busola Kalejaiye from Royalle Affairs Event Planning


"The AP tools have been able to streamline my processes and keep everything organized for me and my clients. I like to explain to my clients that gone are the days of searching for email threads to find out information; Aisle Planner allows us to keep everything streamlined and organized were referring back to information, communicating effectively, and much more is just a sign-in away." –Katie Baynard from Tilly & Teal Weddings and Events

"Utilizing the templates and lead trackers have been immensely helpful in our business efficiency and sales growth. It's been so helpful to streamline everything through Aisle Planner as we grow." –Danielle Lombardi from Joyfully Gathered

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