Top Tips for Using the Aisle Planner Tools Straight From Pros

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November 05, 2021

The Aisle Planner suite of tools was created and continues to grow to meet all of your needs as wedding and event professionals. We are dedicated to our community's user experience and love to hear about how AP pros use the tools in their business. Today we're sharing top tips for using the AP tools straight from your fellow pros!

1. Permission Settings

"One of the greatest tips is to take advantage of the permission settings. You can allow as much or as little access as you would like. I allow access to my couples to change anything. It helps to have open communication and to really visualize all the client wants to have a perfect wedding day." –Melissa Webb from EPIC Events & Design

"We've encouraged our couples to get familiar with the tools and it's been fun to see their level of detail and organization and honestly it has helped us to stay on top of learning all of the ins and outs of the platform." –Danielle Lombardi from Joyfully Gathered

2. Budget Tool 

"We love the budget tool and we do a lot of 'mock' budgets for our clients so they can see the estimated cost of their wedding based on their guest count and their unique wants and needs before they even begin planning. This eases any money concerns or shock factors when it comes to the overall wedding budget. They can see actual numbers to compare their budget too!" –Taylor Williams from Coastyle Weddings & Events

3. Always Using AP 

"I don't give my clients an option, they have to use AP with me! I let them know this is a sure-fire way for me to be 100% successful on their wedding day so nothing gets missed!" –Lynette Ulman from All Grand Events

4. Notes

"I love setting up a lot of useful Notes when I first onboard a client - like thoughts from our first consultation, our venue visits, and a packing list for myself and for the clients. It's so helpful to have somewhere ready to go to copy/paste text whenever clients send me important information scattered in emails, Whatsapps, DMs, and so on!" –Valentina Ring from The Stars Inside 

"I create note templates for each of our planning milestones and build upon those based on the specific needs of the client and their planning progress." –Natalie Rice from Natalia's Event Planning

"We love to keep detailed notes in AP, including a note for wedding links. Over the many months, it takes to plan a wedding, we exchange important links like Pinterest pages, Google Drive documents, and more. It's so helpful to keep it all in one place." –Michelle Peralta from Josie Michelle Events

5. Templates

"Create templates! Especially template emails. I love that I don't have to copy and paste my emails." –Busola Kalejaiye from Royalle Affairs Event Planning

"Revisit your templates often and create new systems for yourself as you learn and grow with Aisle Planner. The more you put into AP the more you are able to get out of it." –Katie Baynard from Tilly & Teal Weddings and Events

6. Layout Tool

"I use the tools as they were designed except the Layout Tool - since you can add the dimensions manually, I will often use it to design my tablescapes to scale for my clients. For example, I recently designed a wedding for a couple with only candles. In order to show them how much space that would fill on a 60" table, I added circles and sized them accordingly, and zoomed in so that the single table filled up the entire space. I then added visuals of what the candles would look like. They loved it and I was able to plan and order more accurately!" –Emma MacHugh from First Blush Weddings and Events

7. Design Studio 

"We love to save photos of the venue, flower sample appointment, and other items the couple has selected in the design studio. It's easy to reference everything and you can literally see all the details of the wedding coming together. It's both fun and practical!" –Michelle Peralta from Josie Michelle Events


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